Criticism of the timing of Kuomintang China travel application

  • Written by Su Yongyao and Jonathan Ching/With Staff Writers and Staff Writers

Chinese Nationalist Party (KMT) Vice President Andrew Xia (Xia Liyan) has applied to visit Beijing on August 4 after the first salvo of China’s live-fire training splashed into the waters around Taiwan. presidential spokesman Alex Huang said yesterday.

The China Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) has accepted the Kuomintang’s application to contact Chinese officials in Beijing on the first day of live-fire training for the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), Huang said on Yahoo TV’s online talk show. (Saito Yu) In the corner that was broadcast yesterday.

A MAC official said he did not know whether the trip was arranged by the Kuomintang before China announced the exercises or was forced, adding that officials advised the party that the timing was bad.

Photo: Lee Hsin-fang, Taipei Times

“I felt [the trip] “It would send the wrong signal to the international community at a time when they should be united and united to show their determination to defend their country.”

Asked to explain why U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi initially did not include Taiwan in her Asian tour, Huang said Taiwan was part of her itinerary before China threatened to shoot down the plane if it visited. said it was a department.

Washington did not disclose Pelosi’s plans to visit Taiwan until the last minute to ensure her safety, he said.

Li Junye, a former Democratic Progressive Party lawmaker and Chiayi mayoral candidate, said on the show that Ms. Pelosi said she would visit Taiwan this year when she was in San Francisco in January.

Pelosi told him he must show support for a free and democratic Taiwan before the US midterm elections in November.

Huang said Pelosi’s visit was just a pretext for Beijing, saying Chinese military exercises were part of China’s long-term strategy to consolidate its grip on the first island chain.

The PLA has steadily increased the intensity and frequency of its maritime and air training since April, he said, citing a mission that circled Japan in June as an example.

Beijing likely planned its latest military exercises as a prelude to further showing its military capabilities, including missile tests in the Pacific beyond the first island chain, he said, adding that these were the plans for President Pelosi’s Taiwan campaign. It was planned independently of the visit, he added.

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