Croatia is the world’s number one football exporter per capita

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Croatia ranks 8th in the world in the country with the most players playing abroad, and is the first to be reported by the Center for Innovative Integrated Sports Studies (CIES) per capita.

The 380th edition of the CIES Football Observatory Weekly Post introduces the countries with the most players abroad in 135 leagues around the world.

With 400 Croatian players playing abroad, 81 more than 2017, Croatia was ranked 8th.

In the first place, there were 1,219 in Brazil, 978 overseas, and 815 in Argentina.

England was fourth with 525, followed by Germany (441), Colombia (425) and Spain (409).

If the list is based on the number of players per person, Croatia is first ranked with a population of just over 3.8 million and is the lowest in the top eight.

Croatia is the world's number one football exporter per capita

International Sports Research Center (CIES)

To further show how Croatian players are having an impact abroad, this year Croatian players have played in the Champions League final (Luka Modric) for 11 consecutive years, with Croats on both teams in the Europa League final. increase. The Rangers are Borna Barisic and Eintracht Frankfurt is Kristijan Jakitti.

You can see the report Here..

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