Croatian brand Highlander is ready to travel to Big Bear Lake to make its US debut

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Croatian hiking club brand Highlander is set to debut in the US next month.

Founded in Croatia in 2017 when enthusiasts came together to celebrate nature and explore Mount Velebit, Highlander is a global hiking brand that creates once-in-a-lifetime events in countries around the world.

Highlander creates experiences for those ready to step out of their comfort zone and prepare for a fully self-sufficient multi-day stay in nature.

“Highlander is the world’s premier series of long-distance hiking events. The unique aspect of Highlander is its concept: it’s not a race. We believe in sustainability and “leave no trace” philosophy, and the importance of preserving the earth we leave behind for generations to inherit,” says Highlander.

Now they bring Highlander to America. A unique hike through the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest, through the San Bernardino Mountains, and around Big Bear Lake, Highlander Big Bear Lake, California, September 27-October 2, 2022. He ‘s tour. It would be held.

The San Bernardino Mountains were formed 11 million years ago and are still actively rising. Big Bear Lake was once the largest man-made reservoir in the world. So it’s a great place to be a Highlander,” says Highlander.

Participants can choose from three formats: Highlander (60 miles), Highlander (30 miles) and Highlander (15 miles). Entry fees for individuals start at $329 for her 30-mile event and $519 for her 60-mile event. Entry includes food, maps, mountain rescuers on duty and leisure activities.

Registration is now open for Highlander Big Bear Lake, California.detail here.

Croatian brand HIGHLANDER arrives in America

(Photo: Highlander/Press)

Hosting Highlander in the United States is the result of a strategic partnership between world-leading event company Spartan Race® and the Croatian brand, signed in 2021, making it one of the world’s largest markets in the event industry, including United States and United. We aim to bring in the Highlanders. Kingdom and China.

Highlander has hosted a number of events across Europe this year and will be in Austria, Italy, Spain, France, Portugal, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland and Patagonia next year.

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