Croatian restaurants hold top Michelin stars

84 Croatian restaurants are labeled Michelin

The Croatian National Tourist Board (CNTB) confirmed today that the new Michelin selection has just been announced and that all Croatian restaurants holding top-notch stars hold them.

Peregrini (Sibenik), 360º (Dubrovnik), Monte (Rovinj), Noel (Zagreb), Raggedy Ann (Lovran), Boshkinak (Novalja), LD terrace (Korcula), Nebo (Rieka), Alfred Keller (Mali Losinj) i Agriamichi (Rovinj) holds all Michelin stars in the new selection announced today.

Michelin-starred Croatia: Restaurant 360 Dubrovnik opens season in novelty

360 (Photo provider: Veronica Arevalo)

In Croatia, there are 10 Michelin-starred restaurants, as well as 2 Michelin-starred restaurants. Zinfandel (Zagreb) and Conova Mate (Pupnat, Korčula).

Croatian restaurants hold top Michelin stars

(Photo: Konoba Mate)

“Today, Croatia has a total of 84 restaurants with one of the famous Michelin labels. Given that their system of awarding labels and recommendations is a complex and highly mysterious process. This is great news and a great success for Croatian restaurants. CNTB is MICHELIN’s leading domestic partner and its cooperation with this globally recognized brand has been respected and appreciated for its recommendations. , Helping put Croatian restaurants in a better position on the gastronomic map, “said the director of the Croatian Tourism Board. Kristjan Staničić..

In addition to these famous stars Bib Gourmand In the list Suge Restaurant (split). Today, a total of 12 restaurants in Croatia bear this label, while 62 other restaurants are nominated by this famous gastronomic guide.

Famous Michelin-starred Italian restaurant opens in Rovinj

Rovinj’s Agri Amichi (Photo: Mystra)

“Given that food and drink in the global tourism market is one of the main motivations for travel, new strategies for sustainable tourism development by 2030 have great potential to leverage synergies. Further planned developments are underway in the field of Enogastronomy. We would like to create based on the provision of identified, authentic food and drinks. Through the best gastronomy, tourists forget their destination. Local producers are supported by gaining no experience, and consuming local food. Being included in world-renowned guides like Michelin is all about continuous commitment to quality. Our top chefs have been successful in putting Croatia on the world’s gastronomy map and congratulate them, “concludes the Minister of Tourism and Sports. Nikolina Brnjac..

Croatian restaurants hold top Michelin stars

Noel (Photo: Noel Zagreb)

“Our inspectors paid special attention to the quality of the restaurant’s culinary experience. The team has proven consistency and a key criterion for selecting and earning Michelin stars is constant quality. I showed that.explanation Gwendal PoleneckInternational Director of Michelin Guide.

“Focusing on high-quality locally produced products that are proud of the Croatian culinary heritage, we record an increasing number of restaurants and professionals’ commitment to more sustainable gastronomy.” I did. Poullennec.

The new label is the result of a secret tour of a Croatian restaurant by a professional Michelin inspector. Croatia list It has been published.

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