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Crown Prince of Kuwait takes responsibility for the new cabinet and encourages its development

Kuwait: Crown Prince Sheikh Michal al-Ahmad al-Javert al-Saber welcomed his Highness at Bayan Palace yesterday. The Cabinet includes Sheikh Hamad Jaber al Ali Al Saba, Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Ahmad Mansour al Ahmad al Saba, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Oil, and Minister of Electricity and Water. Includes, and Renewable Energy Dr Mohammad Abdullatif Al-Fares, Minister of Awqaf (Donation) and Issa Ahmad Al-Kandari, Minister of Foreign Affairs and Minister of the Cabinet Dr Ahmad Nasser Al-Mohammad Al-Sabah, Minister of State Municipal Administration and Communications Information Minister of Technology Rana Abdullah Al-Fares, Minister of Education and Minister of Advanced Education and Science Dr Ali Fahad Al-Mudhaf, Minister of Justice and Minister of State for Enhancing Nazaha (Completeness) Jamal Hadel al-Jarawi Minister of Justice, Minister of Culture Hamad Ahmad Lu Dr. Eldin, Minister of Health Halled Mawes Alsaid, Minister of Finance Abdulwahab Mohammad al-Rushaid, Minister of Public Affairs, Minister of Youth Ali Hussein al-Musa, Commerce and Industry, who ate for economic investment. Minister Fahad Mutrac al-Schrian, Minister of Social Affairs and Regional Development, Minister Mubarak Zaid al-Arrow al-Mutairi for Housing Issues and Urban Development and Minister of Parliament Mohammad Obed al-Radi ..

The new cabinet made a constitutional oath, and the Crown Prince later gave a speech on the spot. His Highness Sheikh Michal said he wished them success by giving greetings and congratulations to His Highness Amir Sheikh Nawaf al Ahmad al Javert al Sabah. His Royal Highness thanked the former Minister for his sincere efforts to fulfill his responsibilities and wished for their best.

His Royal Highness has the responsibility and obligation to the new cabinet, “to continue the reform process, implement economic programs and promote the development of the country, it requires hard-working work in the spirit of one team. “. His Royal Highness Sheikh Mishal is “extremely optimistic about the fruitful and constructive cooperation between the legislature and the government to approve and implement legislation and legislation in the interests of the state and its citizens. I’m looking forward to that. ” His Highness, His Highness, such cooperation coexists with the commitment and adherence to the Constitution that we are all proud of, and under His Highness’s wise leadership, Amir Sheikh Nawaf Al Ahmad Al.・ I added it as Javert al-Saber.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister “thanks to the great trust you have given us” to His Highnesses Amir and the Crown Prince and will make every effort to put their instructions into action to achieve development. I swore. —KUNA

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/kuwaits-crown-prince-urges-new-cabinet-to-bear-responsibilities-and-achieve-development/ Crown Prince of Kuwait takes responsibility for the new cabinet and encourages its development

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