Cryptocurrency Crash: Will Bitcoin and Ethereum fall into market anomalies or bubble bursts?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other popular cryptocurrency hosts continued their historic decline on Thursday in the digital currency market, which lost about $ 600 billion in value last week alone.

Is current tanking another episode of the infamous and volatile world of cryptocurrency valuations, or simply the bubble inflated by a crazy plunge into digital currency investment in the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic? Is it evidence that it is bursting?

what’s happening: Bitcoin fell below $ 26,000 for the first time in 16 months, with a widespread sellout of cryptocurrencies that wiped out more than $ 200 billion from the entire market in one day. According to CNBC..

Bitcoin prices plummeted to $ 25,919.33 on Thursday morning, according to Bitstamp data. This shows that cryptocurrencies have fallen below the $ 27,000 level for the first time since December 26, 2020. Bitcoin has since reduced some losses, with the last transaction at $ 28,291.48, down 3% in the last 24 hours.

Before CNBC ether, The second largest digital currency, has dropped to $ 1,719.73 per coin. Tokens have fallen below $ 2,000 for the first time since July 2021. Ether fell 11% at a price of $ 1,936.07.

Is it a regular crypto business or a deeper one? The cryptocurrency exchange platform, which mediates transactions and acts as a portal for crypto investors, was highly regarded with record reviews just a year ago, but is chasing digital tokens into the valley of performance.

Cryptocurrency trading platform Coinbase lost half of its value last week, including Wednesday’s biggest one-day decline to date, and previously had $ 430 million in the first quarter due to a decline in sales and active users. Reported a net loss of $ 1.98 per share. Shares fell 26% on Wednesday to $ 53.72 per share. Only 13 months ago, on the day of the initial public offering, price-earnings ratio reached $ 429 per share.

In a note to clients, Patrick O’Shaughnessy, an analyst covering Raymond James’ Coinbase, discusses whether the crypto market is one of its typical funks or the contraction of the post-pandemic bubble. Admitted that is continuing.

“Management strongly believes that the former proves to be true, but the latter has a little more truth, especially as cryptocurrencies haven’t acted as inflation hedges so far in 2022. I think there is, “writes O’Shaughnessy.

Structural problem: of Troublesome development As for crypto space, the value of tether (a stablecoin that is supposed to maintain a 1: 1 peg with the US dollar) has fallen, falling below 96 cents in dollars at points before it settled at 98 cents. Barron’s..

Stablecoin aims to be a solid source of value in the crypto world and accounts for about 90% of all digital asset transactions. Tokens are the primary medium of exchange for payments, transactions, lending, and other activities based on blockchain technology.

Get more widespread attention: Anxiety turned into a complete panic and caught the attention of Washington’s regulators whose mission was to maintain financial stability. Per CNN..

As of last Friday, Bitcoin’s price was due to traders dumping risky investments in fear of whether the Federal Reserve’s bid to fight inflation could put the economy in recession. It has fallen almost 50% from a record high.

“When we see this last for a few days, we start to be pretty worried,” Marcus Sotiliou, a crypto analyst at digital asset broker GlobalBlock, told CNN. “The impact is huge. It’s unknown.”

Powerful people like Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen are also in the spotlight, fearing that this situation could cause annoying and unpredictable aftershocks for investors of all kinds.

“Stablecoin, known as TerraUSD, has experienced execution and has been declining in value,” Yellen said in a Senate testimony earlier this week, according to CNN. “I think this is just a sign that this is a fast-growing product and there is a risk of financial stability.”

contribution: Associated Press

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