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Cummins is refraining from champagne showers to accommodate Usman Khawaja.Gestures were widely appreciated

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Captain Pat Cummins showed the presence of a true leader, even when the Australian cricket team was happy to celebrate their victory in the series with England. As usual, the team members grouped together to open the champagne bottles and take a champagne shower.

Knowing that the team’s festival would include this celebration, Musman team member Usman Khawaja turned away to avoid contact with alcohol. Pat Cummins, a tall high-speed bowler leading the side, noticed Usman standing away from the rest of the group.

He moved his teammates to put away the bottles and refrain from champagne showers. Then he waved to Usman and asked him to join the other members of the team in Days. Seeing the captain’s gesture, Usman rushed to the stage and joined the rest of the team. Fortunately, all the Australians smiled and posed for the photographer, but set aside a bottle of champagne.

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The captain’s gesture of quitting traditional and customary celebrations to include one member whose religion bans alcohol was widely accepted by viewers. Social media was flooded with messages of appreciation and appreciation for Pat Cummins’ decision. “Usman is a Muslim, so I don’t like champagne being thrown,” Pat Cummins told reporters. “He stood up there and made sure no champagne was thrown.”

On November 26, 2021, Pat Cummins was the first Australian high-speed bowler to be announced and honored as the 47th captain of the Australian test team. Usman Khawaja, 35, was born in Islamabad, Pakistan, and moved to Australia with his family at the age of five.

Usman became Australia’s first Australian from Pakistan when he made his debut in the Ashes series in 2010-11. He is a qualified commercial pilot and has a bachelor’s degree in aviation before his test debut. Usman, who spent two centuries in the fourth test of the series, played an important role in Australia’s victory. It was a worthy compliment that the Australian captain decided to set aside the tradition for his Muslim teammates.

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https://www.siasat.com/cummins-withholds-champagne-shower-to-accommodate-usman-khawaja-gesture-appreciated-widely-2260020/ Cummins is refraining from champagne showers to accommodate Usman Khawaja.Gestures were widely appreciated

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