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Curbs grow and are unlikely to revive for another 10 days

Hyderabad: The exhibition 2022 may not be revived for another 10 days due to the state government’s decision to extend the implementation of GOMS for another 10 days.

The state government issued GOMS 6 on Monday, and GOMS issued on January 1 was instructed to extend the limit until January 20.

Previously, after the exhibition started, city police sent a note to the Exhibition Association, instructing them to suspend the exhibition until January 10. After that, the City Police Commissioner ordered the cancellation of the exhibition 2022. It will be held from January 12th to February 15th.

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According to the instructions of the National Police Agency, the exhibition cannot be expected to revive this year. However, on the second day, the police secretary withdrew the order to cancel the exhibition.

Currently, GOMS 1 published on January 1st is being implemented, and it is said that the future of the exhibition will be decided according to the decision of the state government.

The provincial government issued GOMS 6 on 9 January, limiting public meetings, rallies, and programs to 20 January.

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