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Curfew was returned and school closure was extended

Mumbai: Maharastracovid-19 cases remained above the 40,000 mark, but as the state entered the era of curfew, the Omicron infection of its variant extended the closure of all schools until February 15, as well as Said here on Saturday.

The state reported a slight surge in Covid-19 infection and 900 “suspicious cases” to which samples were sent for genomic sequencing that day.

The state’s Covid-19 count surged from 40,925 on Friday to 41,434 on Saturday, the mortality rate dropped from 20 on the previous day to 13 on Saturday, and the mortality rate dropped from 2.07% to 2.05%.

After recording a zero-omicron infection on Friday, the number suddenly reached 133 on Saturday, crossing the 1K mark and reaching 1,009, leaving Mumbai at the top of the list.

Concerned about the spread, the state government has announced a curfew similar to the first wave of 2020. Ban on groups of 5 or more from 5am to 11pm during the day, and total ban on all public movements from 11pm to 5am. , Excluding mandatory services starting from midnight Sunday to Monday.

Entry is strictly regulated and enforced by government agencies and only 50 percent of attendance during staggered working hours is permitted.

Rally for marriages and other social events has been further reduced to 50, with only 20 funeral mourners, 50% intake at restaurants, cinemas and malls, and all school closures. Has been extended from January 31st to February 15th. For Class X and Class X II board students.

Swimming pools, gyms, spas and saloons have been closed and barbers have settled on the third wave, so they offer only 50% capacity, in addition to many other restrictions.

Of the 133 new Omicron infections, 129 are from the Pune district, two from Pargal, and one from Ahmed Nagar and Mumbai, respectively.

Omicron has spread extensively in several districts of the state, with 439 of the 1,009 cases recovered to date.

Mumbai accounts for the majority of Omicron cases, followed by 566, followed by Pune with 286, Thane with 63, Nagpur with 30, Nagpur with 18, Rigad with 18, Korapur with 10, Satara with 8 and Pargal. There are 6 cases each in Osmanabad and 3 cases each in Amlavati and Nanded. , 2 each in Aurangabad, Buldana, Ahmed Nagar, Sangri, 1 each in Akora and La Tour.

Health officials have been centrally monitoring passengers arriving at three international airports, Mumbai, Pune and Nagpur, since December 1.

A total of 36,624 travelers have landed here from “high risk” countries, of which 436 are positive and 464 are from other countries. All reports were sent to the genomic sequence to see if they were suffering from Omicron.

In addition, a whopping 3,076 positive samples from field surveys conducted after November 1st were sent for genomic sequencing, with 97 results awaiting, officials said.

Of the 41,434 new Covid-19 cases, 33,134 infections occurred in the Mumbai metropolitan area alone, and the city of Mumbai remained above 20K with 20,318 new cases.

Next are 4,749 infected Pune Circles, Nasic Circle 1,392, Nagpur Circle 981, Kholapur Circle 489, La Tour Circle 251, Aurangabad Circle 226, and Akora Circle 212.

The number of people sent to home quarantine surged from 742,684 on Friday to 845,089 today, and an additional 1,851 were quarantined at the facility.

Mumbai, Pune and Tane are currently the top with the highest number of “active cases” in the state, with distress soaring from 141,492 to 173,238 the day before and recovery rates improving from 95.08 percent to 95.37 the day before. increase. percent.

Since the start of the pandemic, the cumulative number of Covid-19 in the state has been 68,75,656, 1,41,627 deaths, and the other 65,57,081 patients have fully recovered to date.

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