Current cat contraceptive neutering surgery programs are hopelessly inadequate

Parliamentarians said Wednesday that it would take 500 to 600 years to manage the population of about 1 million stray cats in Cyprus within the scope of current sterilization programs.

According to Vice Chairman of the House Environment Committee and Akel MPNikos Kettiros, only about 1,500-2,000 cats are castrated each year.

When lawmakers discussed the sterility program, Disy MP Savia Orphanidou praised the Cabinet’s move to raise state funding to € 100,000 last April, and major opposition Akel solves the problem even at that amount. He said it was unlikely.

Orphanidou said the EU’s goal of achieving 75% of sterilization among stray people is a top priority and will improve their quality of life.

The astonishing population of stray cats in Cyprus has long plagued animal welfare activists who fear their well-being.

Akel quoted an animal welfare NGO as estimating the number of stray cats to be one million. That is, there may be more cats than humans, but authorities say they can’t calculate the number of stray cats.

After the financial crisis of 2013, the former government-sponsored sterility program was abolished, but recently revived in 2019, but not until the number of cats surged.

With a cat shelter Feeding station Although appearing throughout the island, such care is provided almost exclusively by nonprofits and animal lovers at their own expense and initiative.

Contraceptive neutering surgery for cats is provided under the Ministry of Agriculture’s Animal Protection and Welfare Policy. It is open to local governments and local councils and registered animal welfare organizations that must apply for veterinary services for grants to fund cat contraceptive surgery programs.

Frequent media coverage of cats (as well as stray cats and pets) being killed or severely abused has put pressure on authorities to tackle the issue of animal cruelty.

Last January, the general public 11 cats were killed near a cat cafe In Oroclini in August Police arrested twice Allegedly killed a cat.

Recently, in neighboring Greece, which faces chronic supersaturation of stray cats, police arrested a man who cursed a cat in a tavern and tricked him into the sea. The incident was captured by a camera and uploaded to social media, causing anger.

last year, Animal welfare police A unit of 16 officers was set up in the accusation that the abuse case was not seriously or thoroughly investigated.
 Current cat contraceptive neutering surgery programs are hopelessly inadequate

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