Cyber ​​attacks knock out Russian video platform Rutube

Russia’s Rutube video platform remained offline on Tuesday’s second day after being knocked out by a massive cyber attack hours before streaming the Victory Day parade in Moscow.

“In fact, we were hit by the biggest cyberattack in Rutube’s history,” the platform said in a Telegram message on Tuesday.

“Restoration (access) takes longer than the engineer initially thought,” the company’s website said, saying it was working to restore access after the hack.

The site went offline on Monday morning prior to the annual Victory Day parade at Moscow’s Red Square, more than two months after Russia launched an operation called “Special Military Operations” in Ukraine. I did.

“Hackers have reached Rutube following the site of a Russian institution that has been constantly cyber-attacked for the past two months. The video hosting site has been hit by a major cyber-attack,” the company said in a telegram message on Monday. Said.

“Someone really wanted Rutube to hide the Victory Day parade and holiday fireworks.”

Ukrainian media released a photo on Monday claiming to show the hacking of Russian television channels MTS, NTV-Plus, Rostelecom and Winx. In this photo, “Blood of thousands of Ukrainians and hundreds of children is in your hands. Television and authorities are lying. No war.”

Also on Monday, a message condemning Russia’s “bloody and ridiculous” military operations in Ukraine was briefly published on the site of the news website, which is usually loyal to the Kremlin.

Signed by two of the journalists, the text was immediately removed.

“We are now looking for jobs, lawyers, and perhaps political asylum seekers,” writes journalists Egor Poliakov and Alexandra Miloshnikova. Cyber ​​attacks knock out Russian video platform Rutube

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