Cypriot women mistakenly said abortion is illegal

A Cypriot woman trying to end her pregnancy has been rejected by state and private doctors, claiming that abortion is illegal, even though the law was fully legalized in 2018. increase.

Under the Cyprus Act amended in 2018, abortion is legal for the first 12 weeks of pregnancy, but abortion ends within 19 weeks in the case of rape, sexual abuse, or if pregnancy poses a risk to the mother and child. can.

However, Maria Epaminonda, head of the Cyprus Family Planning Association, told Congress that doctors were giving women false information about their rights to the matter.

She told the MP that the State Health Services Organization (OKYPY) was recently urged to send notes to everyone. GHS Hospital Advise doctors not to deprive women of their rights.

Agni Sialarou, an OKYPY official, confirmed that the organization sent a recommendation after learning of a case where a doctor refused a woman’s abortion due to misinformation or personal beliefs.

A group of anesthesiologists sent a letter to the Ministry of Health stating that they refused to carry out their obligations in the event of religious belief abortion.

“In these cases, doctors can’t get surgery done, forcing them to find other ways to fill the gap.

“For abortion, there is no protocol for hospital procedures other than the law,” says Sialarou.

“We must focus on two main pillars that are lagging behind: sex education in schools and informing women,” said Josephina Antonio of the Equality Commission. rice field.

She said many women are unaware and unaware of their rights after the 2018 law amendment. Modern method There is contraception or access.

Epaminondas emphasized the importance of health care systems in covering abortion procedures, as private sector costs are a deterrent.

Currently, GHS covers abortion costs only within the first 19 weeks of pregnancy in the case of pregnancy due to rape, incest, or sexual abuse.

GHS also covers the cost of any signs of fetal abnormalities or risks to a woman’s health for physical or mental reasons.

“We express our disappointment with this decision, which violates the principle of indiscrimination.

“We show that we are against decisions based on whether the action is” medically necessary, “” said the boss of the Family Planning Organization.

I was shocked

Parliamentarians were shocked to hear Epaminondas explain the case of a teenage girl who relied on a pharmacist in the northern occupation of Turkey for medication to end her pregnancy.

She said the only contraceptive methods available are male condoms and pills.

“It’s a tragic and unacceptable state hospital, with coils installed only for medical reasons and not adopted as a method of contraception.

Last week, the European Parliament emphasized that “the right to abortion should be included in the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU.”

The resolution is EU reaction The US Supreme Court’s decision to overturn women’s right to abortion.

According to a resolution of the European Parliament, EU countries need to “guarantee safe, legal and free abortion services and access to prenatal and maternal medical services”.




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