Cyprus Eyes East Med Fire Hub

Cyprus hopes to create a firefighting hub in the eastern Mediterranean with neighboring countries Greece and Israel to confront a huge summer wildfire that could overwhelm a single country.

Foreign Minister Ioannis Kaslides makes a proposal at a virtual meeting of top diplomats from the three countries and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken calling for close cooperation on energy, economics, climate change, emergency preparedness and terrorism. I did.

Nicosia is also prepared to host a gathering of ministers to discuss how to protect the Eastern Mediterranean through the development of environmentally friendly ports and other coastline infrastructure.

In recent years, Cyprus, Greece and Israel have Fire teamGear, and aircraft help fight large-scale wildfires.

The Cyprus proposal aims to streamline and speed up the dispatch of such assistance.

Cyprus was hit by the worst wildfire last year, killing four Egyptian farm workers.

Blinken joined Kaslides and his Greek and Israeli counterparts Nikos Dendias and Jail Rapid, demonstrating Washington’s support for the trilateral cooperation agreement that Cyprus, Greece and Israel have developed in recent years.

In a joint statement, ministers decided to “strengthen cooperation in energy, economics, climate change, emergency preparedness and terrorism, and contribute to regional resilience, energy security and interconnectivity.” He said he did.


This year, 10 firefighting aircraft will be freely available in Cyprus.

It was discussed Monday evening when President Nicos Anastasiades convened a meeting to fight the fire during the dry summer season of the crater.

The government is also in talks with Jordan to obtain aerial means.

President Anastasiades said the meeting Fire prevention And better prepared.

After the meeting, government spokesman Malios Pelecanos said the authorities were on the capabilities of aerial means, the use of technology, the cooperation and cooperation of all services, the appropriateness of staff, the upgrade of local fire departments, the role of local authorities and volunteers. He said he had talked.

He said Cyprus had sufficient aerial capacity by mid-May, as the Ministry of Agriculture made all the preparations.

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