Cyprus has enough flour for 3 months


Cyprus has enough wheat to be consumed by humans, despite a shortage of supply due to the Ukrainian war, Costa Skadis, Minister of Rural Development, said Thursday.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and international sanctions on Moscow are creating difficulties in the global supply chain.

Cadiz met with flour manufacturers and human-consumed wheat importers to discuss how to address potential issues that may arise when bringing these products to market.

The Ukrainian war and sanctions on Russia caused supply problems and caused wheat prices to skyrocket. These two countries are one of the world’s top wheat producers.

Asked about the availability of stock, the Minister of Agriculture said there was enough wheat for human consumption for at least three months for the time being. “We can feel safe, but we are constantly monitoring the situation,” he said.

Among them, Russia and Ukraine supply about 26% of the world’s wheat exports, and shipments via the Black Sea have already been suspended. Cyprus has enough flour for 3 months

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