Cyprus lowers digital life quality index

Cyprus fell two places to 37th place out of 117 countries in the Digital Quality of Life Index (DQL), but it is also classified as one of the countries with the most expensive internet.

The island fell two places in the 2022 DQL report compared to 2021, but still ranked 51st for the most expensive internet.

Internet in Cyprus is not as affordable as in other countries, but mobile internet prices have improved since 2021, according to the report.

Cypriots have to work 14 minutes and 18 seconds longer than average to receive service.

covering 90% of world populationthe DQL survey, conducted by cybersecurity firm Surfshark, evaluates countries based on five fundamental digital wellbeing pillars.

Cyprus performs well in internet quality (15) but relatively poorly in internet affordability (51), e-infrastructure (39), e-security (22) and e-government (31) is shown.

In terms of internet network quality, it ranks 53rd.

According to research, the island’s internet provider should improve internet quality by 70%.

Mobile Internet speed is 159.2 Mbps, ranking 7th in the world, a 49.9% improvement from the 2021 average of 53 Mbps.

Fixed broadband ranks 66th with just 58 Mbps, an increase of 14.9% and 7.5 Mbps from 2021.

According to research, the world’s fastest network is in Singapore, with mobile speeds up to 104 Mbps and broadband speeds up to 261 Mbps.

global digital gap

Surfshark reports that broadband around the world is becoming more affordable year after year. consumer We are working 6 minutes longer to be able to connect in 2022.

“Amid rising inflation, fixed broadband internet has become less affordable globally for the second year in a row, widening the global digital divide,” the study notes.

Israel tops the DQL index, followed by Denmark and Germany.

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