Cyprus tanks in the World Expatriate Survey

In a major expatriate survey, Cyprus was ranked at the bottom of the table due to lack of career prospects, working conditions and wages, but with quality of life. Calmness On the island.

In an InterNationsExpatInsider 2022 survey of approximately 12,000 respondents from 181 countries, Mexico was the top expatriate in life, Indonesia was second, Taiwan followed, Portugal, Spain, UAE, Vietnam, Thailand and Australia. , Singapore followed.

On the other side of the table, expatriates rated Kuwait (52), New Zealand (51) and Hong Kong (50) as the worst, one notch below Cyprus and below Turkey (45).

An important question in the survey dealt with how satisfied expatriates were with certain aspects of life abroad, such as quality of life, ease of settlement, economy, or working life.

He was also asked how to navigate his daily life abroad.

first time, International The ranking also includes the new Expat Essentials Index, which covers digital life, management topics, housing and languages.

Cyprus has the worst rank in the Overseas Labor Index (49). Expatriates are dissatisfied with career opportunities (34% vs. 22% worldwide) and working hours (29% vs. 17% worldwide).

Also, they have no purpose in their work (22% vs. 9% worldwide).

Nearly 3 out of 10 people (28%) also feel that they are not paid fairly (20% worldwide). This may be one of the reasons why individuals are negatively valued their finances (35% vs. 21% worldwide).

Overall, Cyprus is only 47th in the Personal Finance Index.

However, Cyprus excels in quality of life (37) and expatriate essentials (34).

In the latter, 34% Online government services (21% worldwide).

The best, but still mediocre performance in the EU countries is in calmness (27). 62% of foreigners feel welcome (66% worldwide) and 58% are satisfied with their social life (56% worldwide).

Overall, 66% of foreigners are happy with their lives in Cyprus.

In the rest of the survey, Luxembourg was 48th, followed by Japan (47), South Africa (46), Italy (44) and Malta (43).

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