Czech bakery demands restrictions on wheat exports

Soaring wheat prices exacerbate the problem of Czech bakeries, which are already suffering from rising energy and fuel prices. As a result, many face existential problems, according to the association. Bakers are also asking the state to reduce the impact of rising wheat prices by subsidizing bakeries.

Wheat is currently sold at record prices ranging from 10,500 CZK to 11,500 CZK per ton, while last March the price was 5,500 CZK per ton. This suggests data released by the association of bakeries and pastry chefs.

Many Asian and African countries rely on imports of grain from Russia and Ukraine and are beginning to buy grain from other countries, including the Czech Republic, due to the sanctions imposed on Russia.

“The Czech Republic is completely self-sufficient in the production of wheat, an essential ingredient in Czech pastries, and exports a significant portion of that production. Unfortunately, it is now affected by the war in Ukraine. The situation has increased the price of wheat by 100% year-on-year. “ Bohumil Hlavatý, Managing Director of the Association of Bakeries and Pastry Chefs, says.

As a result of rising prices for raw materials, fuel and energy, bakery costs in January have risen by more than 30% compared to the same month last year, Hlavatý says.

However, the price of bread rolls and bread has risen by only about 10-15%, the price of fine or sweet pastries has risen by 10-20%, and according to the association, it is still one of the lowest prices in the European Union.

The average price of 1 kg of caraway bread last week was 31.14 CZK, an increase of 0.8 CZK from January. The average price of 1 kilogram of white wheat bread was 56.43 CZK, an increase of 1.50 CZK compared to January. Czech bakery demands restrictions on wheat exports

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