Czech marks the 17th of November Memorial Day.

The Czech Republic marks the 33rd anniversary of the start of the Velvet Revolution and the 83rd anniversary of the closing of Czech universities by the Nazis. From the early hours of the morning, people come to light candles at the memorial to Narodni Tuzida on November 17, 1989. Prime Ministers and members of government, and speakers of the Senate and House of Commons, paid their respects on the ground. The leader of his ANO, the largest political party in the House of Commons, Andrey Babis laid a wreath this morning. The surrounding area is closed to cars and public transport. Meanwhile, several speeches made at nearby Hlávkova kolej paid tribute to the victims of students and university lecturers who died when Czech universities were closed by the Nazis in 1939.

Some demonstrations are also planned. Among them are protest marches organized by the anti-government “Czech First” movement heading towards the headquarters of Czech Television, or focusing on the topic of the upcoming presidential election organized by Million Moments for Democracy. I have a meeting.

Czech Prime Minister Petr Fiala and Belarusian Democratic Opposition leader Sviatlana Tsyhanuskaya attended a conference titled “Russia’s Hybrid War Against a Democratic World” held at the Liechtenstein Palace in Prague. At the conference, Tikhanuskaya called for tougher sanctions against Russia and aid for Ukraine.

A more detailed list of what’s going on can be found here: Czech marks the 17th of November Memorial Day.

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