Czech radio fundraising project to pay for musical instruments for children in need

Kdybytisícklarinetů, or If a Thousand Clarinets, is a famous Czech musical film in 1964 featuring hits from the semaphore theater played by the biggest stars of the day, including singers Valdamer Matuska, Karel Gott and Hanahegerova. ..

If the Thousand Clarinet is also the name of a new funding project launched by the Czech Radio Donation Fund this Tuesday. The purpose is to distribute both used and new musical instruments among children whose parents cannot afford them.

Kdybytisícklarinetů Movie Izzy Suchy | Photo: Studio Barlandov

The project is supported by many major Czech musicians, including violinist Jiří Suche, drummer and singer David Coller, singer-songwriter Jiří Suche, and one of the authors of famous musicals.

“The idea of ​​providing Ukrainian children with an instrument that they couldn’t bring when they left the country is great and I really appreciate the people who contributed and came up with the idea. . “

The project is led by renowned Czech opera singer Magdalena Kogena, who has long supported the Czech Republic’s unique art school system through a donation fund.

Magdalena Kogena | Photo: Magdalena Kogena Archive, Oleg Rostovtzeff

“We had been planning events very similar to the Foundation team for a few months, so when we heard about the Czech Radio Foundation events a few days ago, we worked together rather than splitting them up. I decided. That. “

Talking about the project to Czech radio, she remembered how she got her first instrument.

“When I was three, I was hitting the gas heater because it reminded me of the keyboard. My parents realized that they weren’t musicians themselves, but they had to do something about it. So instead of buying a new car, they bought me a little piano. It was one of the most beautiful moments in my life. “

Illustrated photos: freemell, pixabay, pixabay license

Fundraising projects aren’t just for professional musicians. Both used and new instruments can be donated to anyone who wants to participate, says the head of the Czech Radio donation fund Gabriela Drastichová.

“We encourage both individual donors and businesses to provide instruments. We also ask our music teachers to request an instrument. Then link the request to an offer on our website. To do.”

Anyone interested in participating in the project can sign up for the website Czech radio fundraising project to pay for musical instruments for children in need

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