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Czech Republic takes over EU Presidency

“Europe as a Task-Rethinking, Rebuilding, Rebuilding”

The Czech Embassy in Kuwait held a joint press conference on its premises for six months starting July 1, 2022, to commemorate the succession of the Presidency of the European Union from France. The meeting was also attended by Dr. Christian Tudor, the ambassador of the European Union, and Claire Le Frecher, the ambassador of France.

As chair of the EU Council, the Czech Republic will set the agenda and priorities, chair the conference, mediate interstate compromises and represent the EU in conferences with other EU agencies and external partners.

Czech Ambassador Jaroslav Shiro, who made a speech at the conference, gave his speech from thanking France for a successful presidential position and a positive approach to ensure that the Czech presidential position follows up on their work. started.

Ambassador Shiro emphasized that the Czech President’s motto is “Europe as a mission-rethinking, rebuilding, re-power”, which was the 1996 of the first Czech President Vaclav Havel, emphasizing that the mission prior to Europe deserves caution. It was revealed that it was based on the speech. And a thorough reflection.

The envoy elaborated on its motto, stating: The “Trio Program” of three consecutive EU Presidency of France, Czech Republic and Sweden was approved by the EU General Affairs Council (GAC) on December 14, 2021. The Trio program was developed when the EU’s main challenge was post-pandemic recovery. Therefore, the focus is on protecting citizens and freedoms, developing European economic models, building climate-neutral, environmentally friendly, fair and social Europe, and promoting Europe’s interests and values ​​in the world. I guessed it. “

However, he noted that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine in February 2022 created a fundamental need for a fundamental reassessment of EU priorities and had a major impact on the preparation of the Czech president’s priorities.

Ambassador Shiro said that among the president’s priorities are the refugee crisis and postwar reconstruction of Ukraine, energy security, strengthening Europe’s defense capabilities, including cybersecurity, the strategic resilience of the EU economy, and the restoration of democratic institutions. He explained that it was to manage power.

In an on-the-spot speech, Tudor said unfortunately one of the problems over the past six months was the return of the war to Europe in the form of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He pointed out that Europe will continue to work with like-minded partners in Ukraine to counter this aggression, and Ukraine will eventually win. He further elaborated on the fact that the EU delegation played an important role in organizing and hosting regular meetings at the level of the heads of missions of 17 EU member states represented by Kuwait. .. ..

In his speech, Ambassador Le Frecher noted that the EU has demonstrated its ability to act decisively in many respects. Elaborating on this, the EU must address the major humanitarian crisis caused by the war as an urgent issue, and Ukraine will protect its territory.

The EU also noted that it has acted to reduce Russia’s reliance on energy supply by deciding to stop Russia’s coal and oil imports, and last but not least, the EU has against Russia. Determined several consecutive rounds of target sanctions. She explained that the main purpose of the sanctions is not to punish Russia, but to put very strong pressure on Russia to stop the aggression and restore the integrity of the Ukrainian state in accordance with international law. did.

In conclusion, Ambassador Le Frecher said he was pleased and very confident that France would hand over the relay to the Czech President, who is coordinating strongly with the European Commission, and the good luck of the President of the Czech Republic. I’m praying.

Regarding relations with Kuwait and the GCC countries, the Czech ambassador pointed out that the top of the Czech President’s list of priorities is solid support for the development and strengthening of relations with the Gulf countries, including Kuwait.

The Czech Republic upheld the European Commission’s proposal to give Kuwait and Qatar citizens a Schengen visa exemption, which he said would help strengthen human-to-human contact. He said last week that the EU approved the president’s obligation to negotiate with the European Parliament on the liberalization of short-stay visas in Kuwait and Qatar. This was an important step in the EU’s legislative process, as Ambassador Jiro pointed out.

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