Czech Wikipedia celebrates its 20th anniversary

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When you open the homepage of, The Wikipedia logo is displayed. The Wikipedia logo is a globe with various secretary system glyphs, surrounded by several languages ​​in which you can read Wikipedia articles. English is close to 6.5 million, German is over 2.5 million, and Russian is over 1.5. One million and so on.

Czech Wikipedia The number of articles may be just over 500,000, but the number of active users is surprisingly high. Explains Martin Urbanec, one of the administrators of the Czech Wikipedia.

“Active contributors-editors at least once a month-about 1,000 in Czech Wikipedia.”

Martin Urbanec | Photo: Wikimedia Commons, CCBY-SA4.0 International

According to the Wikipedia page “Wikipedia list”, The number of active users is even higher than the number stated in Urbanec – 2518, due to the inclusion of numerical data on different language versions of Wikipedia, and the number of active users is 18 of all Wikipedia language editions. It’s ranked in the ranks, but it’s just ranked. 27th in the number of articles.

The Czech version of Wikipedia also started surprisingly early. Wikipedia was launched in 2001, initially in English only, but the Czech version was launched just a year later. As Urbanek reveals, it has changed a lot since its humble beginnings.

“Wikipedia has definitely changed radically since 2002, and no one heard it at the time, but now the majority of the population uses Wikipedia every day, and in 2002, “Water” and “Prague”. “

Illustrative photos: Pavla Pelikánová, Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0

The fact that we have created over 500,000 articles on various topics is largely due to the efforts of contributors, including people working in different disciplines, including students and university teachers. Jitka Erbenová, who works at the University of South Bohemia and has contributed to Wikipedia articles for 14 years, says that being a Wikipedia contributor is her love effort.

“It’s definitely a hobby. We’re all volunteers and no one gets paid for it. We all do it in our free time after work.”

Wikipedia is often criticized for its open policy that anyone can write, contribute, and edit articles, and some question its credibility. However, as Urbanec explains, other contributors can flag the issue and administrators can remove inappropriate or irrelevant articles.

Photo: Radio Prague International, Lisa Garth

“For example, if someone creates an article with just the letters” asdf “, you can delete it immediately. However, for example, if you have an article (such as relevance) that a Wikipedia editor thinks does not comply with Wikipedia’s rules, you should start a so-called “talk” page to explain why. “

The sky seems to be the limit for the Czech version of Wikipedia, as the number of articles on Wikipedia written in Czech is increasing. Czech Wikipedia celebrates its 20th anniversary

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