Czechs begin detention at Slovak border amid rising immigration

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC: Czech police detained a van carrying 15 illegal immigrants on October 1 after renewing border controls following a surge in migrants crossing the border.

Austria has also stepped up inspections of vehicles at its borders.

Czech police said authorities were checking migrants at 27 border crossings, causing delays, especially for truck traffic.

Czech officials said border checks would last at least 10 days.

Austria, the Czech Republic and Slovakia are part of the European Union’s visa-free Schengen Area, which allows residents of member states to cross the border without presenting a passport or visa, but monitors people coming across the border. An increasing number of countries have started

In addition, Czech police said 120 migrants were detained in the first eight hours after the new surveillance took effect.

“The goal is not to complicate the lives of Czech and Slovak citizens,” Czech Interior Minister Vit Laksan said at the border crossing just after midnight. “The goal is simply to reveal to a group of smugglers who are the real criminals that there is a barrier at the border.”

However, Slovak Prime Minister Eduard Hager is critical of the Czech move.

After Russia invaded Ukraine in February, the Czech Republic hosted about 430,000 Ukrainian refugees. Czechs begin detention at Slovak border amid rising immigration

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