Czechs mourn the loss of their compatriots and friends when the world says goodbye to Madeleine Albright

US President Joe Biden: “Today we commend the truly proud Americans who are proud of all of us being Americans. The Czech Republic knows what it means to endure war and escape persecution. We would like to welcome prominent guests and senior officials who have traveled from all over the world to celebrate the daughter of the Republic. When his friend Wurtslav Havel died, Madeleine said, “He sheds light on the darkest places and against each other. I remember praising him with the words, “It always reminded me of my obligations.” These terms apply to Madeleine as well. “

Joe Biden | Photo: Andrew Harnik, ČTK / AP

Madeleine Albright’s funeral was broadcast live on national television in the Czech Republic, and for the thousands of Czechs watching it, the people of the country embraced the newly discovered freedom and marked the end of 40 years of communism. I recalled the memories of the day I celebrated. rule.

Madeleine Albright was one of the country’s largest allies at the time, helping the Czechs, as well as other post-communist nations in Central and Eastern Europe, return to democracies and join NATO’s protection. Played an important role in doing so. ..

The Czechs were less aware of how meaningful this was when Russia invaded Ukraine. In his tribute to her, President Biden emphasized the importance of her contribution.

“When I heard that Madeleine had died, I met NATO’s allies in Brussels in the air in Europe and helped Russia to strengthen and unite the alliance in response to the brutal and unjust war against Ukraine. But it wasn’t lost to me that NATO was still a big part of why it was so powerful and vibrant as it is today. “

In a tribute to Madeleine Albright, President Clinton said her dedication to protecting freedom and democracy never diminished, even when she was in the final stages of cancer.

“Madeleine has decided to go out in boots with her last breath. In this case, she will support President Biden and all of America’s efforts to support Ukraine.”

The music of the worship service on Wednesday included works by Czech composers in honor of Albright’s roots. She was born in 1937 in Czechoslovakia at the time. Her Jewish family fled Prague to escape the Nazis, and she later came to the United States as a political refugee at the age of 11. Thanks to her intellect, patience, and her dedication, she climbed straight up – the first woman to hold the US Secretary of State’s post. But she never forgot where she came from. She was able to foresee the dangers of the world faster than others, probably because she experienced fascism first hand. As President Clinton said, she left an important legacy in the world.

Bill Clinton | Photo: / Evan Vucci, ČTK / AP

“Today, in Ukraine, we are tragically seeing what Madeleine has always known. Progress in freedom is neither inevitable nor permanent. Also, the temptation of power is strong and the temptation to abuse it. But in politics, which is often irresistible, nothing is permanent. Victory or defeat. “

Shortly after Madeleine Albright’s death on March 23, the Czechs began signing condolence books at the American Center. Her friends met at the Vaclav Havel Library and shared valuable memories of visiting her hometown many times. Cardinal Dominik Duka celebrated Mass at St. Vitus Cathedral. Vitus Cathedral in Prague.

Madeleine Albright's Funeral | Photo: Andrew Harnik, ČTK / AP Czechs mourn the loss of their compatriots and friends when the world says goodbye to Madeleine Albright

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