“Dam and Dunbar”?Justin Trudeau roasts online with new haircuts



It’s possible that someone’s barber made the wrong request to “make the haircut look like a movie star.”

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau showed a new look when he was visiting children in Gatineau Park, Quebec on Friday, but this time it seems that his fashion choices didn’t go well.

Trudeau, who debuted with a new shortcut, talked to kids about the environment, trees and animals, but social media users couldn’t take their eyes off his appearance in most cases, which wasn’t a good idea.

The new haircut was quickly compared to Jim Carrey’s character in Lloyd Christmas’s “Dam and Dunbar.” The 1994 movie is a famous comedy hit that tells the story of two companions. They are actually part of the ransom payment, even though they are not the brightest sparks.

Some people were angry with the comparison, but not because of excessive sympathy for Trudeau.

Others have suggested that there may be more of the new look of the Canadian Prime Minister.

“The look of Trudeau is always carefully planned. It’s a strategic element of his dry personality. For example, he ignored hair and beard to show solidarity during the blockade. New simple hair Does Cut mean to ease his apparent elitism in a recession? “One asked. “Dam and Dunbar”?Justin Trudeau roasts online with new haircuts

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