Damascus says the U.S. military-occupied Syrian territory will soon return to government control.

The United States and its Syrian Kurdish People’s Army allies control a large area of ​​eastern Syria, including the region that produces most of the oil, gas, and food of the Arab Republic. Damascus accused Washington of stealing these resources and repeatedly demanded that the United States withdraw its troops.

Foreign Minister Faisal Mekdad said the US occupation of eastern Syria would soon end.

“The illegal presence of the United States in the Jazira region of northern Syria is nearing its end, and the areas occupied by the U.S. military will soon be under the authority of the Damascus government,” Mekdad said. SaidTalk to Syrian Al-Ikubariya TV.

Mekdad expressed confidence that all occupied territories in northern Syria would return to Damascus control and called on the majority of Kurdish Syrian Democratic militias to understand that the United States would eventually withdraw.

Foreign Ministers suggested that Syria supported the Palestinian cause and that resistance to US and Israeli hegemony was one of the reasons behind the conflict that has shaken the country since 2011.

“Given Syria’s strong commitment to such a position, as well as its strategic position and great regional influence, hostile nations have sought to influence the policies of the Damascus government, as their attempts failed. , They resorted to terrorism and sponsored this threat for billions of dollars, “Mekdad said.

Mekdad praised Syrian troops and leaders for blocking Western attempts to “divide” the country.

U.S. forces have occupied oil and food-rich areas of Syria since 2017 and will fight Daesh (ISIS) *, a Muslim militia who struck northern and western Iraq and eastern Syria from 2013 to 2017. I entered the country under the name of. An unlikely coalition of troops, including the Syrian and Iraqi governments, Iraqi Sia militias, Russia, Iran, and the Hezbora movement in Lebanon, in addition to the United States.

* Terrorist groups outlawed in Russia and many other countries. Damascus says the U.S. military-occupied Syrian territory will soon return to government control.

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