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Saman Indrajit

JVP leader Anura Kumara Dissanayake said yesterday that the government plans to suppress the party by leveling false claims against the party.

Dissanayake told the media at Pelawatte, the party’s headquarters, that a plot hatched by the government could lead to bleeding.

“A video showing how to make a Morotov cocktail has been released on social media. The voice in the video makes bombs to viewers in a similar way, ties them to their bodies, and explodes at the president’s house. The video says I’ll be appointed president after the explosion. Everyone knows that the JVP does nothing like that stupid thing. The video is another attempt by the government to justify the use of violence against critics. There have been similar cases in the past, and as a result, the country has been hit hard, “Dissanayake said. increase.

He said his party lawyer would submit the video to CID and ask police to investigate who created it and uploaded it to social media. “There is a large-scale protest in Colombo centered around Galle Face. Aragalaya.

“We will also participate. The government’s response to the protest is to use the police and the military. In addition, there are several other developments, including the creation of a paramilitary organization against us. Each SLPPMP , Will be given the opportunity to hire five loyal to him or her as a home guard to provide security to the MP. There was a letter from the IGP to the Defense Minister warning of a possible bomb attack. The warning has the name of our party. I also looked up this letter in parliament, but there is no explanation yet. This is the same as some parliamentarians requested the Pentagon for personal firearms. The context. In summary, these developments may indicate the government’s plans for oppression and what lies ahead for us. We are people with these tricks. I don’t think we can. CID can investigate and search the source of the video against the President on social media within 24 hours. Therefore, the same appropriate action is taken regarding our complaints. I hope it will be taken, “said Dissanayake.

He said the JVP is ready to stabilize the country and help save it from the current crisis in a short period of time.

Dissanayake said the JVP did not intend to do it alone and was confident that national citizens and foreign Lankans would extend their support to the party for this purpose.

“This crisis cannot be resolved by changing posts or individuals, especially through a government that has lost public confidence,” he added.

When Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe was asked in parliament about a statement that Disanayake was willing to resign to allow him to carry out his economic plans, MP said he was ready to take on the task. ..

But he said he had to resign in order for the president and the prime minister to challenge and implement a JVP program to save the country from the crisis. Damika asks Lanil to resign as FM – Island

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