‘dangerous!Mines – Odesa’s popular beaches are off limits

Tourists once flocked to the Ukrainian resort of Odesa to lie on the beaches of the Black Sea, but now the white sands are covered with land mines due to the war with Russia and police patrol the promenade.

Ukrainian troops plant land mines along the coast in case of a Russian amphibious attack after the February 24 invasion of Moscow, and tape the beach entrance with red and white tape to prevent civilian injury. Was closed.

Already free from war, the regional economy of the port city of Odesa in southwestern Ukraine will have a major impact on its tourism industry this year. Long-time residents cannot imagine life in Odesa without sand and the sea.

“We can’t live without the sea. Without the sea, we probably wouldn’t have Odesa,” said 82-year-old resident Viktor Holchenko.

In early May, Russian troops attacked the harbor with missiles and abandoned Odesa’s building. Read the full text

Signs posted by Ukrainian troops warn residents to stay away from beaches filled with mines. From the seaside restaurant, the sign of “Danger! Mine”.

Witnesses of Reuters saw a family with small children walking on a closed beach, contrary to the rules, splashing in the sea after sunset.

Others laid beach towels along the promenade instead of the beach to tan in their swimsuits.

“They (army) said they wouldn’t go there (at the beach),” said 18-year-old resident Kirilo Zinchenko. “Why go there? This is the summer we have.”

Tourism in Odesa, once the driving force of the local economy, has been exhausted.

“We recognize that tourism and recreation are important factors … but we also recognize that if we do not maintain the defense of the region, we will not have the budget to fill it.” Southern spokeswoman Natalia Fumeniuk said. Military command.

Tourism bureau owner Oleksandr Bavic said the local economy would be hit hard. “It’s hotels, restaurants, souvenirs, beach services of all kinds. It’s related to the cultural sector … I don’t know what the urban economy would be without them.”

(Reuters) ‘dangerous!Mines – Odesa’s popular beaches are off limits

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