Danish immigration minister wants easier deportation for foreign lawbreakers

Plans to raise penalties for serious crimes would target foreigners who have committed dangerous crimes, Frederiksen said in an interview with the newspaper. berlin ski Ahead of a new government proposal package on gang crime due to be presented on Tuesday.

The prime minister said foreign nationals were overrepresented in statistics on the types of violent crimes.

“Unfortunately, immigration policy is inextricably linked to crime, and the truth is that there are too many groups that are not part of Denmark,” she told Berlinske.

“At the same time, we are witnessing a changing crime landscape. In my eyes, this is one of the biggest challenges for Denmark, because insecurity is a big loss of freedom. ‘ she said.

just a while ago criticism The government’s president over the policy of increased surveillance as a tactic to deter crime has argued that this risks infringing on individual liberties.

Frederiksen said there should be tougher penalties for crimes including assault, rape, repeat offenses, organized crime, reckless crimes and crimes involving humiliation.

The ruling Social Democrats also plan to spend billions of kroner to make up for the long prison sentences.

The investment aims to increase the number of prosecutors, judges and prison officers. The new prisons will also be funded by the new plan, in addition to the 400 prisons already agreed in the previous plan.

The opposition Liberal Party (Venstre) expressed skepticism about the timing of Frederiksen’s remarks, amid high speculation that general elections could be held by early autumn in Denmark.

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“It seems like a strange U-turn that the government’s proposals for tougher punishments for criminals are coming out now. It was part,” said Martin Darling, a spokesman for the party and chairman of Congress’ Judiciary Committee.

“Liberals have long called for harsher penalties, and we stand ready to do what it takes to crack down on criminals,” Darling said.

The largest opposition party, the Liberal Party, wants tougher penalties, especially for violence and rape.

“But it’s not serious to negotiate with a government that has just done the opposite,” Darling said.

Experts in the region expressed skepticism about the government’s plans in comments reported by the station DR.

“I don’t understand the purpose of this proposal, as many studies have shown that longer prison sentences are generally ineffective,” said Linda Kehr, a sociologist and professor at the University of Southern Denmark’s Institute of Law. Minke told DR.

“Studies show that if we want to end crime, we need to emphasize prevention efforts,” she said.

The professor also pointed out that the average duration of unconditional prison sentences in Denmark has already increased significantly over the past decade. Danish immigration minister wants easier deportation for foreign lawbreakers

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