Danish island Bornholm hit by power outage

The proposal is included in the party’s 2030 Green Plan. Party leader Jakob Elleman Jensen said the plan “allows for large-scale climate investment without tax increases.”

“We want to sell the state’s stake in the Oersted wind farm business.

“That decision offers several possibilities. ties with Venstre’s bid for

No longer part of Denmark’s critical infrastructure?

The plan states that “Ørsted is no longer critical infrastructure.”

“With numerous divestments and a clear strategic focus, the business is no longer part of Denmark’s critical infrastructure.

“In contrast, Ørsted’s main focus is the operation and construction of wind farms around the world, which Ørsted competes on entirely commercial terms,” ​​the party wrote in its 2030 Plan.

However, Venstre wants to keep the Danish power plant, which Ørsted must remain in state ownership.

The state now owns 50.1% of Oersted, formerly known as Don Energy, but changed its name to Oersted in 2017.

Proceeds from the sale of Ørsted’s wind turbine business will be invested in climate and nature projects, Vestre’s plans say.

Of the SEK 60 billion, SEK 37.5 billion will be reserved for green investments up to 2030.

For example, SEK 8 billion will be set aside for “cleaner drinking water” and SEK 8.5 billion will be allocated for climate and energy retrofits of private homes.

A total of SEK 15 billion will be spent on research and development to “make Denmark climate neutral by 2050”.

Reactions to suggestions

Climate, Energy and Utilities Minister Dan Jorgensen of the Social Democratic Party (S) called the sale of parts of Ørsted “unjustified”, adding that it would take place at “unjustified times”.

“In times of so much uncertainty in the world, I think this is a very unwise proposition. On the contrary, we need to protect the critical energy infrastructure that we have,” he said. I was.

He considers the wind power business to be “a very important part of Ørsted’s business.” At the same time, he points out, “It’s completely impossible to control who buys it.”

The Liberal Party’s proposal was also harshly criticized by Socialist People’s Party (SF) leader Pia Olsen Dyer.

“Close to the craziest thing I’ve heard in a long time,” she wrote on Twitter.

“Ørsted has been a driving force behind the green transition, partly because the state is a major shareholder.”

SF left Helle Thorning Schmidt’s government in 2014 after allowing Goldman Sachs to become joint owner of then-Don Energy.

Moderates have also rejected the idea of ​​selling Ørsted’s wind farm business.

Congressional candidate Jakob Engel Schmidt tweeted: “A clear ‘no thanks’ from our side. Danish island Bornholm hit by power outage

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