Darkness and Debris Hinder Rescue Efforts at Flooded Mexican Mine

MEXICO CITY, Aug 11 (Reuters) – Mexico’s defense minister said his first attempt to dive deep into a flooded coal mine in northern Mexico, where he had been trapped for a week, was blocked by debris. rice field.

Miners were trapped in a mine in the border state of Coahuila on August 3. Excavation work has caused tunnel walls to collapse, causing flooding in parts of the underground mine.

By Thursday, Mexican authorities were able to dramatically reduce the depth of water, which initially exceeded about 100 feet (30 meters), in a preliminary effort to determine if conditions were safe for rescue operations. Even so, they are having trouble dispatching rescue teams.

Two military divers entered one of three flooded mine shafts Wednesday after miners and rescue professionals made four dives to clear debris, but were unable to fully enter the mine. was.

Defense Minister Luis Crescencio said at a press conference on Thursday that it was “blocked”.

“There’s no space to move forward. There are obstacles… still some wooden boards. Even though we have lights to see inside, we don’t have the visibility we need to identify what we’ve found,” says Cresencio. says Mr.

Crescencio added that authorities will continue efforts to try to enter the mine while ensuring the safety of rescuers. The depths of the three shafts are approximately 30 feet (9 meters), 23 feet (7 meters), and 16 feet (5 meters).

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