Darts Star celebrates 180 before embarrassingly realizes that he is bust at the World Cup

Jose de Soussa proved that the old habits died hard as his latest miscount happened in the form of a bust 181 on Saturday night.

Portuguese star Increased reputation Due to his poor count over the years, but when he ruined the 181 it reached a new height. It was very embarrassing for the 48-year-old who made an error during the darts World Cup match against Portugal’s Scotland.

their Second round collision After John Henderson defeated Bitter Jeronimo and De Souza unexpectedly beat Peter Wright in a singles match, he played in a doubles match. It was a quality contest and helped prolong the World Cup drama.

Portugal then went down to 181 on the first leg of the doubles match when the King of Miscounts made another mistake.

After winning 120 on the first two darts and putting himself in 61, De Sousa had to hit 25 or triple 15 to claim victory, leaving Jeronimo in the double. However, the 48-year-old seemed to lose sight of his score as he filled the T20 bed and scored 180 points. This made him bust.

De Sousa seemed to conclude his first match at a celebration before match referee Kirk Bevans shouted “no score” when his rivals noticed his mistake. Called Special One, he raised his finger in his eyes when he apologized to his teammate Jeronimo, who seemed to be looking at the funny side of his friend’s error.

Sky Sports commentator Marc Webb admitted that he was “silent” because the Portuguese player made another count error. De Sousa’s horrific miscount was costly to Portugal as he lost the first leg of the match between World Cup holders Henderson and Wright.

José de Sousa celebrated before he realized he was bust when the World Cup darts collided with Scotland.
(Image: Sky Sports)

Can you believe that Jose de Sousa suffered yet another miscalculation?Please let us know at Comment section.

The current champion has won 4-0 in the doubles contest to secure his position in the quarterfinals. For the first time in World Cup history, the quarter-final lineup will include all eight seeded countries and will have a blockbuster finale at the Eissporthalle on Sunday.

Elsewhere, English Premier League The duo Michael Smith and James Wade had to fight to overcome the Latvian pair Madal Razuma and Howris Gregle. After exchanging batters in singles, Smith and Wade produced great performance under the pressure of averaging 4-2 with an average of 96.

Welsh’s Garwin Price and Jonny Clayton overcame the monster turmoil by defeating Austria’s Mensour Suljovic and Rowby-John Rodriguez in a dramatic decisive battle. Slow’s advantage proved to be crucial for Welsh doubles, with six straight holds followed by Clayton pinning a double 6 to kick out last year’s runners in a row of two. Backed up a visit to Treble.

The £ 350,000 tournament ends on Sunday, followed by the afternoon session quarterfinals, the semifinals, and the evening session finals at the Eissporthalle.

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//# Darts Star celebrates 180 before embarrassingly realizes that he is bust at the World Cup

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