Darvill says field hospital will be set up in Inagua

Health and Human Services Minister Dr Michael Darvill today announced plans to set up a field hospital in Inagua, as officials fear a surge in illegal immigration.

“We are concerned about possible infections,” he told reporters today.

“I’m on my way to the field hospital to Inagua. It’s a 20-bed field hospital.

“At 10am this morning, we have a team of five nurses and three doctors who are heading to Inagua to begin the necessary screening process. , to see the current clinic in Inagua.”

More than 390 Haitian migrants were caught in waters near Anguilla Cay on Saturday, officials said.
The migrants were handed over to the Royal Bahamas Defense Forces and transferred to Inagua, which has a facility for about 800 migrants.

“Field hospitals are absolutely essential,” Darvill said.

“After speaking with the Minister of Immigration, we are beginning to realize that what we are going through can be explosive, and we intend not to overburden Inagua’s healthcare system. .”

He said officers of the Royal Bahamian Defense Force will set up the field hospital.

Last year, immigration deported 3,349 people. This is an increase for him of over 1,100 compared to 2021. Darvill says field hospital will be set up in Inagua

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