Data of the phone that triggered the wiretapping

Headquarters of the National Intelligence Agency (EYP)

Wednesday, August 3rd, a few days after PASOK leader Nikos Androulakis Claimed he tried to wiretap his phone in an illegal Predator spyware, the Greek Agency for Security and Privacy of Communications (ADAE) was convened for the meeting.

The meeting agreed to establish a commission to investigate the Andorourakis allegations. Authorities were eager to be seen in action and did not expect much from the investigation.

The audit is conducted at Androulakis’ telecommunications provider, where surveillance software such as Predator leaves no trace.

The next day, ADAE inspectors went to Androulakis’ telecommunications provider, WIND, where they requested and obtained information about his phone connection.

What did the processing of that data reveal? Political developments on Friday sparked the resignation of the country’s intelligence chief and the prime minister’s general secretary.

The National Intelligence Agency (EYP) has submitted an application to declassify Androulakis’ cell phone.

In other words, EYP itself used a “lawful wiretapping” process to monitor PASOK reader calls.

An order was signed by Vasiliki Vlachou, the public prosecutor who handles requests from the EYP, to declassify his phone. Vlacho met with Supreme Court Prosecutor Isidoros Dogiakos at noon Friday.

When the prime minister’s office and Kyriakos Mitsotakis himself learned of the findings, the prime minister’s general secretary (and nephew) Grigoris Dimitriadis (head of EYP) and EYP head Panagiotis Contreon called for his resignation on Thursday night. was given.

A related announcement was made on Friday morning. According to government sources, the prime minister’s office was not informed that his EYP was monitoring his Androulakis cell phone.

The same source said Contreon was summoned Thursday night to give a briefing at the highest level of government. The spy chief is said to have claimed Androulakis’ surveillance was at the request of Ukrainian and Armenian intelligence services.

Other sources say the interest of the foreign intelligence services, and thus the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, was piqued by Androurakis’ involvement in the European Parliament on a committee dealing with trade relations between the EU and China.

An order to declassify Androulakis’ phone was signed in September 2021. According to reports, this coincides with an illegal attempt to steal his cell phone with his Predator spyware.

As Androulakis, that attempt failed You didn’t click a link to install spyware on your device. Data of the phone that triggered the wiretapping

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