DAX base is a scam.Review with pros and cons

This DAX Base review aims to uncover the truth behind this crypto trading broker. It means that Therefore, we advise all crypto traders to stay away from this broker. We have detailed it in our DAX Base scam trading review below.

To begin with, brokers do not fall under any regulatory body. This is the first suspicious thing we noticed. That his website has a link to “automated trading software” and in our experience this is another sign of a potential scam.Such websites are often part of fraud schemes. So in fact, the DAX Base trading review below shows that this platform It is one of the unregulated forex brokers you should stay away from. Depositing money is risky because customers on it are not protected and there is no regulatory body in charge of holding brokers accountable for their actions.

DAX Base: Main Broker Features and Pricing

For those interested in learning more about DAX Base, this is an online broker that specializes in trading currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, stocks, and foreign currency pairs. Suitable for forex, CFDs and options trading due to its diverse assets. The deals are interesting, but you can hardly withdraw your money and can be part of a scam.

As you can see on the website, the functionality of the trading platform allows you to trade while controlling your investments. However, this is not our advice, as our DAX Base trading review indicates that this broker is unregulated and may be a scam.

Further, the company is headquartered in the Marshall Islands and is regulated by DX Base Limited. Our office is located at Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Majuro, Marshall Islands: MH96960. DAX Base is neither regulated nor approved, so trading on the platform involves a high degree of risk and everyone should be careful.

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DAXBase Trading Review: How to Scam Users?

According to the online DAX Base trading review, the platform persuades most people to make their first minimum deposit and tries every possible way to make it happen. Some offer deals that are too good to be true and later turn out not to be true in reality. The DAX Base scam always promises to be completely unrealistic.

When people make their first deposit and hope to find a good DAX Base review online, people turn to scam agents (called “holding agents” in libraries) who try to persuade them to deposit more money. Notice that it is forwarded. So while depositing money is something brokers promote, it shouldn’t be done by everyone and you shouldn’t get scammed.

Almost impossible to withdraw!

Now let’s talk about withdrawals from DAXbase. In fact, you should be able to submit your withdrawal request immediately. However, know that your funds are never safe. Many users have noticed this and posted negative reviews of DAX Base trading online. Brokers are not regulated, which makes withdrawals difficult.

So if you want to withdraw your money and don’t care if you made a profit or not, the broker will try to delay the process. They try to delay! So if you don’t get the update you can’t even apply for a chargeback and your money will be lost forever. It doesn’t really matter if you do, you won’t get a single cent back.

Another important thing to note in this scam DAX Base review is that if you signed a Managed Account Agreement (MAA) as a user, you basically authorized the broker to do whatever it wanted with your account. , which means that withdrawals will not be possible. That is why there are so many negative reviews online and people saying so many bad things about this scam broker.

Some reviews indicate there may be a way to get your money back!

If you want to get your money back from DAX Base after depositing something with it, and they refuse to do so, there are several options to consider. Please keep it as proof that you have done so. Once that’s done, run a chargeback. Contact your bank or credit card provider and explain to your broker how you were scammed. Say they are an unregulated trading company and refuse to give your money back. You might be lucky with this so it’s not too late to try. If you do, there is no way to issue a chargeback. It’s part of the DAX Base scam and should be learned forever.

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DAX Base is a scam, so be careful!

This DAX Base review, and many legitimate DAX Base trading reviews published online, show that the broker is a scam and something to stay away from. A good rule of thumb is always us is to check DCForecasts broker review Before choosing a forex or any kind of company or before depositing money.

We hope this DAX Base trading review has been helpful to you. Finally, remember – the best way to trade crypto and forex is to register with a regulated broker. We help you choose the best crypto broker. DAX base is a scam.Review with pros and cons

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