Day 101 of Ukraine Invasion: Russian troops pushed back east, Putin wants port

The highlights of the events related to are: war of Ukraine Last 24 hours:

Ukraine: Russian troops pushed east

Russian cannon attacked UkraineIn eastern Donbus, where fierce fighting is taking place around the city of Severodonetsk, the local governor said some progress has been made in repelling the invading forces. Ukrainian troops continue to resist the complete takeover of the city. “”They didn’t get it completely“Governor of Luhansk Oblast, Sergei Guydai, said the invading forces had been pushed out by 20 percent.”As soon as you get a lot of Western long-range weapons, push their artillery back … and Russian infantry flee... “

Ukrainian troops still have an industrial zone in Sieviero Donetsk, Guydai said, a scenario reminiscent of Mariupol, where the steelworks were the last base of resistance in the port city. The situation in Lysychans’k, the twin city of Severodonetsk on the other side of the local river, seems to be more and more worrisome. Mayor Alexander Zaika said about 60% of infrastructure and housing were destroyed and internet, mobile networks and gas services were cut off. In the town of Slovyansk, about 80 km south of Severodonetsk, the mayor called on residents to evacuate for heavy bombing. Water and electricity were cut off. “”The situation is getting worse“Student Gulnara Evgaripova told AFP as he left the city on a minibus. Paramedic Ekaterina Perednenko added:I think there is nothing to return.. “

Kyiv keeps in touch with captured Azovstal fighters

Ukrainian intelligence has been in contact with Ukrainian defense fighters at the Azovstal iron and smelter in Mariupol and was detained by Russian troops after Kieu ended his life-saving resistance, Ukrainian officials said.

“”Thanks to Ukrainian intelligence, we are learning about the situation of their detention site, the food situation, and the possibility of their release.“Ukrainian Minister of Internal Affairs Denys Monastyrsky said in a television broadcast.

“”We all know that they will all be back here in Kyiv, and we are doing everything we can to achieve that”Monastirski guaranteed.

Moscow said last month that nearly 2,000 Ukrainian fighters surrendered months after stubbornly defending their position in the devastation of Mariupol.

Ukrainian authorities are trying to negotiate their release through a prisoner of war agreement.

However, according to the Kremlin, Ukrainian soldiers are brought to justice according to the requirements of international law.

Putin Called on Kieu to dig up a port managed by Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir in fear of global food crisis Putin He said there was no problem with grain exports from Ukraine.

He called on the Kieu authorities to clean up the ports they control, Russia Will not take advantage of the attacking situation Ukraine By sea.

In an interview with Russia 1. The Russian president has called for accusations of the food crisis against his country. “Attempts to move the problem from a sick head to a healthy head.. “

“”The disadvantages in the global food market began to occur after the start, not yesterday. RussiaSpecial military operations in Donbus and Ukraine.It began to appear in February 2020 in the process of fighting the effects of the coronavirus pandemic... “

Vladimir Putin It linked food problems to a large influx of money into the US economy as a means of combating the crisis.

Putin He also commented on rising energy prices in Europe. According to him, it is the result of the European Commission’s short-sighted policies in this area: accelerating the transition to green energy and abandoning long-term contracts for Russia’s natural gas supply.

Putin: Millions of tons of grain Ukraine Can be exported via Odessa or Mariupol

Millions of tons of grain UkraineIt can be exported via Odessa or Russia-controlled Mariupol shipping, which is required by African countries.This was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin After a few weeks of warning to his visiting president of the African Union war It can lead to famine in the poorest countries.

Senegalese President Macky Sall visited Putin After talking in Sochi for three hours, he said, “Determination and knowledge“The head of state of Russia, that”Crisis and sanctions cause serious problems for weak economies“.

“”president Putin Expressed that it is ready to promote UkraineWheat export. Russia Ready to secure exports of wheat and fertilizer.I call on all partners to lift sanctions on wheat and fertilizer“Macky Sall wrote on Twitter.But he did not specify if the conditions were relevant PutinSuggestion.

In a meeting, Putin Exports via Odesa, where many of the blocked grains are located, will be difficult as the Ukrainian mines around the port need to be removed. However, this is a precautionary measure against Russian vessels.

according to PutinThe second option is Mariupol shipping, which is controlled by Russia.

Last week, the Russian president conditioned on lifting sanctions on his country to allow warships to export grain. The United Nations warns that the blockade could lead to food shortages for hundreds of millions of people. Today, international organizations have said that talks with Moscow on this issue are very difficult.

UkraineGrain and other grain exports provide much of the supply to African countries.Food crisis caused by RussiaInvasion UkraineThe region, where Russian troops blocked Ukraine’s ports and used warships to control access to the Black Sea trade route, had a particularly devastating impact on Africa.

Guterres: UkraineConflict led to a three-dimensional global crisis

To Day 100 Of the Russian invasion Ukraine, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres repeated his call for the end of violence. “Me My immediate end to violence, unobstructed humanitarian access to all who need it, safe evacuation of civilians trapped in hostilities, emergency protection of civilians and respect for human rights in accordance with international norms. Update the call“.

He said the conflict had already killed thousands, expelled millions and bet.Unacceptable human rights violations have created the most devastating three-dimensional global crisis of food, energy and finance for vulnerable people and the economy... “

Guterres said the United NationsWorking on humanitarian efforts“But that negotiation and dialogue will ultimately be needed to resolve the dispute.”The sooner each country promises sincere diplomatic efforts to end this, the sooner war,Better Ukraine, Russia And the world,” He said.

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