Day 106 of Ukraine Invasion: The fate of Donbus is determined in Sieviero

The highlights of the war-related events are: Ukraine Last 24 hours:

Ukrainians consider tactical withdrawal from Shrimp Donetsk

Fierce fighting continues in the city of Severodonetsk in Ukraine. Ukrainian fighters are resisting relentless Russian bombardment, the local governor said. Both sides believe that the outcome of the battle can help shape the course of the war.

Russian troops already control most of the strategic city of Severodonetsk. Luhansk leader Serhiy Gaidai said Ukrainian troops are considering a tactical withdrawal from the city. According to him, Ukrainian soldiers have already been repulsed to the outskirts of Sieviero Donetsk. Mr. Guydai also said that the neighboring town of Lysychans’k, which was severely damaged, was also in a big fire.

Zelensky: The fate of Donbus determined by Shrimp Donetsk

Ukrainian President Volodimir at another video address last night Zelensky He said the fate of Donbus was determined in Sieviero Donetsk.

“”105th day of full-scale war, Shrimp Donetsk It will continue to be the center of the Donbus conflict. We are defending our position and inflicting serious losses on our enemies. This is a very cruel and very difficult battle. Probably one of the most difficult things in this war. I am for everyone who protects this area. In many respects, it is there that the fate of Donbus is determined.“”

Moscow is a residential area Shrimp Donetsk Ukrainian troops have been repelled in an industrial area under Russian control and blocked by 800 civilians.

Another Russian attack

The Ukrainian Army General Staff has announced that Russian troops are preparing an attack on Slovyansk. The fighting continues throughout Donbus, in Zaporizhia, and around the major cities of Kharkiv and Mykolaiv.

Meanwhile, in an interview with the BBC, Russia’s UN Ambassador to the United Nations Vasily Nebenzya said Russian troops were advancing in Donbus. He dismissed comments that Moscow’s operations were stagnant or not on schedule.

Lavrov and Chabsogur talks

Talks were held in Turkey yesterday Discuss prospects for resuming peace talks Russia And Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Turkish Foreign Minister Mevrut Chabsogur also UkraineBlocked Black Sea harbor.

According to Lavrov, Moscow is ready to guarantee a safe export of grain from the Ports of the Black Sea.He is with President Putin Zelensky It can only happen after the resumption of peace talks.

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