Day 126 of Ukraine Invasion: 36 People Missing After Russia’s Strike in

The highlights of the war-related events are: Ukraine Last 24 hours:

Aftermath of a Russian strike in the east Ukraine

Rescue team stopped searching for survivors Russian missile attack At a shopping center in the city of Kremenchuk.

Authorities say 36 people are believed to be missing.

Russia Denied the attack on the mall, saying it crashed into the arsenal and subsequent ammunition explosions caused a fire in the mall.

Preparing for a referendum in Kherson

Russian troops detained the former mayor of the occupied city of Kherson in southern Ukraine. Kirill Stremsov, deputy director of Kherson’s pro-Russian military administration, said Igor Korikaev had openly called on city officials to obstruct and ignore the new administration’s instructions.

The Kherson region has begun preparing for a referendum on participation RussiaTASS report.

This area is in the south Ukraine It borders Crimea. In mid-March, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced that the area was under full control of Russian troops. At the end of April, a civilian government was formed in the area.

Authorities also announced their desire to be part of the Russian Federation.

The battle continues nationwide

The governor of the Dnipropetrovsk region said,Enemy attack“And the rescue team said they were looking for people under the rubble of the city of Dnipro. So far, there has been no comment from the Russian Ministry of Defense.

Ukrainian army Russia Governor Luhansk said that on the eastern side of Lysychans’k city, western weapons would arrive, giving local defenders time to prepare the fortress.

Russia Kharkiv is also bombarding, UkraineThe second largest city in the city. Houses and elementary schools were attacked.

Zelensky Call on the United Nations to visit Kremenchuk

President Volodymyr Zelensky Invited the United Nations to visit the scene of the attack, which killed at least 18 people.He asked Russia Declared as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Ukrainian President Volodimir in a speech via a video link to the UN Security Council Zelensky Accused RussiaState sponsor of terrorism“. Zelensky said Russia Due to the war in Ukraine, terrorist acts are carried out virtually every day.

He said:

“”Russia You do not have the right to participate in and vote for the war in Ukraine, This is not provoked and is a manifestation of Russian colonialism. I call on you to deprive the delegation of this terrorist state at the UN General Assembly.This is possible, necessary and fair“.

Rocket attacks Mykolaiv, dead and injured

Eight rockets were launched by Russian occupying forces in the Ukrainian city of Mykolaiv. So far, it is known that 3 people have died and 5 have been injured. Rescue operations will continue.

Mayor Alexander Senkevic was reportedly told by UNIAN that different parts of the city were affected. He added that living people were rescued from the rubble of a destroyed five-story building and doctors were providing the necessary support.

Senkevic also said the houses were also affected, with one entrance completely destroyed and the other partially destroyed. It is unknown how many people lived during the attack.

“”From the first day of the war, I ask you to leave the city. Our estimation is that more than half of the population has already done so. I hope there was a minimum number of people in the house at the time of the missile strike.Rescue until the wreckage is completely gone“, Senkevich added.

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