Day 132 of Ukraine Invasion: Russian Attacks in the East

The highlights of the war-related events are: Ukraine Last 24 hours:

Kieu: 750 billion euros Ukraine

€ 750 billion will cost to rebuild UkraineEstimated by Prime Minister Dennis Schmigal, who attended the first major donor conference in Lugano.

damage UkrainePrime Minister Denys Shmyhal said in Lugano that the infrastructure would amount to about 100 billion euros. According to Kyiv authorities Russia And Russia’s oligarchs are estimated to be between 300 billion and 500 billion euros and should be used for reconstruction Ukraine After the war.

“”A significant portion of the economy has been destroyed and thousands of businesses are not functioning.The restoration of the country is more than the construction of a new homeUkrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Ukraine teeth “Joint agenda for the entire democratic world.. “”Let’s start without waiting for the end of the war”Zelensky also urged.

RussiaAttacks in the east continue

At the behest of President Vladimir Putin, Russian troops are concentrating military operations on Donbus.

After the conquest of the entire Lysychansik and Luhansk regions, Russian troops are moving towards Donetsk. Russian President Vladimir Putin Ukraine On other battle fronts. In a conversation with Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, Putin said,Won the victory “Luhansik” and the rest “Complete the assigned task successfully.. “

Russian troops are expected to aggressively attack parts of the Donetsk region controlled by Ukrainian troops with the aim of controlling the entire Donbus.

Slovyansk Now is the front line

“”Russian occupiers are approaching SlovyanskThe city has become the front line“,Mayor SlovyanskVadim Lyakh told espresso media.

“”This city is already at the forefront. It is now very important to evacuate as many people as possible, and yesterday’s events (village bombardment) marked the people’s active departure from the city. 70 people left yesterday and 200 people are ready and evacuating tomorrow.They are moving in two directions-Dnipro-Rivne and the second route is to Pokrovsk and to Lviv by train.,” He said.

According to him, the front lines near the city haven’t changed for a long time.

“”The city has been supporting since the first day of hostilities, and the process is endless. For example, when I took it yesterday, 40 houses were destroyed. The 9-story building was partially destroyed.It’s always a shame for human life, so I always call on people to evacuate“Lyakh added.

The mayor stated how far he was from the city.Lacist” that is.

“”From Lyman, 7-10km to Reigorodok, 30km to Izyum and Dorina. In the direction of Svyatogorsk, the distance is up to 20km. Artillery is already attacking the city-enemy has such an opportunity. Perhaps it will make up for the lack of aggressive behavior by bombarding the city against civilians.But it’s hard to say where the main impact is“The mayor concludes.

DPR Sue Swedish citizens-former fighter from “Azovstal”

Investigators in the so-called Donetsk People’s Republic have charged Swedish citizens who participated in hostilities in Ukraine He belonged to Ukrainian troops and surrendered as a mercenary to the Azovstal iron and mill in Mariupol.

This was announced to TASS today by a source from the security structure of. DPRBTA report.

“”A criminal proceeding was filed against a Swedish citizen, who was charged under Article 430 of the Code of Criminal Code. DPR (“Participation in mercenary activities”).Defendant is under investigation“.

The names of Swedish citizens are not specified for the investigation.

recently, DPR Law enforcement agencies have not responded to requests for comment on this issue.

On Saturday, two Britons captured (Dylan Healy and Andrew Hill) said, “Mercenary activity“By a self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic investigator backed by Russia (DPR) Eastern UkraineTASS recalls.

At the beginning of June, two other British men-Aiden Aslin and Sean Pinner, and Brahim Sadun of Morocco were sentenced to death. DPR TASS reports on suspicion of mercenaries.

Syria is considering the issue of opening a self-proclaimed embassy DPR When LPR

rear recognize Self-proclaimed People’s Republic of Donetsk (DPR) And the People’s Republic of Luhansk (LPR), Syria is considering the issue of opening an embassy within them, Moscow’s Syrian ambassador Riyadh Hadad said in an interview with TASS.

Diplomats said Damascus is ready to work to build and strengthen relationships with DPR When LPR It is based on mutual respect and common interests.

“”The issue of opening an embassy and taking concrete steps to exchange diplomatic representatives is being discussed.,” He said.

The ambassador is Syrian President Bashar al-Assad DPR At the end of last year, a delegation of the Russian Parliament DPRArrived in Damascus.

“”Decision to build a relationship with DPR The Ukrainian crisis was created in light of the fact that it was a problem caused by Western nations, especially the United States, who wanted to divide and weaken people. RussiaNational security. Opposition to Western policy is in the common interests of all who confront and fight hegemony by all means.“Haddad said.

Syria DPR When LPR June 29th.

Moscow City Hall names the space next to the British Embassy in honor of pro-Russian separatists

The Moscow City Hall announced yesterday that it would name the space near the British Embassy in honor of the pro-Russian separatists in the east. Ukraine People fighting together Russia AFP reported to Western-backed Ukrainian troops.

This previously unknown area near New Albert, along Smolenskaya Street in central Moscow, is called the Luhansk People’s Republic Square, the city hall said in a statement.

Moscow City Hall announced that the name was given after a vote involving more than 100,000 Muskovians. TASS states that 56.85 percent of voting participants voted for the option selected by the majority.

This decision will be made the next day Russia Announced that it controlled the entire eastern Luhansk region UkraineAccording to AFP.

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