Day 148 of Ukraine Invasion: According to CIA, there is no evidence that Putin’s health has

The highlights of the events related to are: war of Ukraine Last 24 hours:

Borel: EU gives Kyiv an additional € 500 million in military aid

After the meeting of the Ministerial Liaison Group on Defense, Josep Borrell, Senior Representative for Foreign Security Policy of the European Union, revealed that a single block would allocate an additional € 500 million in military aid to Ukraine.

“”EU member states have agreed to mobilize a € 500 million military aid tranche for further assistance UkraineArmy. EU UkraineWith that partner“Borel wrote on his Twitter page.

On Wednesday, the European Union will introduce a seventh package of sanctions against RussiaTargeting Russian gold, freezes Sberbank’s assets and strengthens export control.

Meanwhile, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said in a video speech late last night about the latest sanctions on Moscow by the European Union.Not enough“Emphasis on it Russia Must “Feel a much higher price for war Forced to seek peace“.

There is no proof of that PutinHealth has deteriorated according to the CIA

CIA Secretary William Burns said at a security forum at an American resort in Aspen that Russian President Vladimir had no information. Putin Instability or poor health.

Since the start of warMedia speculation near the age of 70 is unconfirmed. Putin I am suffering from a serious illness, probably cancer.

Burns, the US ambassador to Moscow, emphasized in his speech to the forum he was watching. Putin Over 20 years.According to Burns, the Russian president is convinced of his mission to recover Russia As a great power:

“”He believes the secret is to regain the sphere of influence. RussiaNeighbor, and he can’t achieve it without control Ukraine.. “

“”There are many rumors about the president PutinHe is in good health, and as far as we know, he is in perfect health. His view, in my experience, has been solidified over the years, but he has his own view of reality.And as we saw in the early stages of this warIt was based on some deeply flawed assumptions and some real illusions, especially Ukraine Willingness to resist UkraineSince at least 2014, he has helped create through aggression“He added.

In front of Ukraine: Russians attacking near Bakumut, Ukrainian troops launch a second attack on Antonovsky Bridge in Kherson

Major battles in the last 24 hours Ukraine According to data from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Army as of 6 am on Thursday, it was in the direction of Kramatorsk and Bakumut. Both Kieu and foreign analysts are of the opinion that nothing new is happening at the forefront.

According to the Ukrainian side, in the region of Bakumut, Russians are conducting combat operations with the idea of ​​creating conditions for urban progress and conquest of the territory of the Vagregorsk TPP. The battle continues near Novorgansk.Reveal the firing position of the defense force of Ukraine In certain directions, enemies use sabotage and reconnaissance groups. In the other direction, no signal was recognized that the enemy was trying to form an aggressive group.

According to an analyst at a Washington-based laboratory warThe current Russian attack may provide Russians in Donbus, northeast of the E40 highway, with limited additional territorial acquisition, but before occupying populated areas such as Slovyansk and Bakumut. It may end. The ISW reported a second Air Force strike on Kherson’s Antonovsky Bridge on Wednesday, the day after Tuesday’s first attack.

Russian occupiers have destroyed two schools, Kramatorsk and Kostyantynivka, and announced Pavel Kirilenko, the head of regional administration loyal to Kyiv. Industrial areas in Kramatorsk were also bombarded, including the Starokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant and the Novokramatorsk Machine-Building Plant. In Bakumut and Tretsk, Russians bombarded residential areas. Ivanovka in the city of Cherkasy was attacked by a cluster munition.

During the night, there was also a rocket attack on Nikopol and Valentin Reznicenko from the Dnipropetrovsk local government announced Thursday morning. Nights without rocket attacks have been registered in the Odesa area. There was a rocket attack on Nikopol in the middle of the night, Dnipropetrovsk local government Valentin Reznicenko announced Thursday morning. The Russian army used Glad missiles to launch more than 20 rockets. There are no casualties and Sapper is looking for unexploded ordnance.

Soldiers of the 231st Battalion of territorial defense used a drone with an infrared camera to destroy a positive observation post of Russian troops in the Donetsk region.

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