Day 70 of Ukraine Invasion: Lviv Bombing, Dozens of Civilian Casualties in the

Sumy Oblast @Wikimedia Commons after Russia’s invasion

The highlights of the war-related events are: Ukraine Last 24 hours:

Russia bomb Lviv

After the Russian airstrike, a power outage occurred in the city. Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadoviy said in Telegram.

“Two substations were damaged as a result of the missile attack. There is no electricity in parts of the city.” He said.

In a social network post, Sadoviy encourages people to stay in the bomb shelter.

Russian attack kills 21 people in the east Ukraine

A Russian strike on Tuesday killed 21 civilians and injured 27 in the east. UkraineThe Governor of Donetsk Oblast stated the highest daily death toll in almost a month.

“At least 10 people were killed and 15 were injured. These are the result of bombardment of Avdiyivka’s chemical plant by Russian occupiers.” Governor Pablo Kirilenko said on Telegram.

Zelensky calls on Albania to close the port to Russian ships

In a video speech to the Parliament of Albania, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky called on Albania to close the port to Russian ships and impose restrictions on Russian tourists.

Mariupol’s new evacuation

According to the United Nations, 101 civilians saidSuccessfully evacuated“From the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol, which was besieged and destroyed as part of a joint effort with the Red Cross.

“”We are pleased to confirm that 101 civilians have successfully evacuated from the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works in Mariupol. “ UN Humanitarian Coordinator Osnat Lubrani said.

Attack on Azofustari

The Russian army said,Powerful attack“At the Azofustari mill, the Ukrainian army said. The Kremlin claims that the army used cannons and planes to attack the site, along with pro-Moscow Ukrainian separatists.

Putin demanded a suspension of weapons supply Ukraine

Russian President Vladimir Putin to French counterpart Emmanuel Macron to the west Ukraine Blame Kyiv The Kremlin said he would not take the negotiations seriously to end the conflict.

President Putin accused the Ukrainian army of committing war crimes and told Macron:The West can help stop these atrocities by applying the right pressure. Kyiv By stopping the supply of weapons to the authorities and Ukraine.“”

Congratulations to Johnson Ukraine And promised new help

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announces an additional 6 million in British military aid Ukraine And welcomed the country’s resistance Russia As that “Best time“.

With video link UkraineParliament, the first foreign leader since RussiaJohnson said the Ukrainians were fighting in the February 24 invasion.With the energy and courage of a lion.. “

Pope wants a conversation with Putin

Pope Francis called for a meeting with Putin in Moscow, but said he did not get a response. The deity told the Italian newspaper Corriere della Serra that he had requested it in March.I suspect Putin can’t or doesn’t want to hold this meeting at this time... “

“”I do not go Kyiv For now … I have to go to Moscow first, I have to meet Putin first“The Pope said.

EU prepares new sanctions

European authorities are preparing a new package of sanctions against RussiaHowever, some EU countries oppose a complete oil embargo.

The package, which requires unanimous approval, envisions a gradual ban on Russian oil imports for six to eight months, but Hungary and Slovakia (both heavily dependent on Moscow’s supply). EU officials told AFP that they would be allowed to use it for a few more months.

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