Day of Remembrance for Teenage Sisters Who Died on Trains – Japanese

(ANSA) – ROME, 1 August – A day of remembrance will be held in the hometown of two sisters, Julia and Alessia Pissanu, aged 17 and 15, who were killed early Sunday after being hit by a high-speed train at Riccione railway station. It is done. , the mayor said on Monday.
Carlo Guberini, mayor of Castenaso, Bologna, said a day of remembrance would take place on the day of the girls’ funeral.
It’s not clear why the girls were crossing the railroad tracks early Sunday morning at the train station in the Adriatic seaside town.
Witnesses said one of the girls died trying to help the other.
“It’s a very difficult moment,” Guberini said.
“The entire community has been hit hard by this tragedy.
“The girls were well known. They came to town with a group of friends.
“It’s hitting people hard because it’s a small cohesive community.
“They were full of energy and had a strong desire to live life.
“I don’t understand how this happened” (ANSA).

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