Day Shift does not have a vampire soul.

Day Shift does not have a vampire soul.


The Luxembourg remake with an undead accountant hiding in a casemate could have been more interesting

The Luxembourg remake with an undead accountant hiding in a casemate could have been more interesting

Jamie Foxx and Snoop Dogg (right) as vampire hunters at the Day Shift world premiere

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Cable TV masquerading as a streaming service returns to homes around the world No It will be released in cinemas in Luxembourg. day shift, as the directorial debut of martial artist J.J. Perry, knows exactly what it is. A movie that looks and feels good like a mid-2000s B-movie and still costs $100 million is good, where some schlocky action flicks featuring A-listers indulge in their own banality It’s not an omen.

Bud Jablonski (Jamie Foxx) is nominally a pool cleaner and has a job hunting vampires. After tracking down an infamous vampire disguised as her lovely old lady in Los Angeles, he sets about dispatching her and her younger the universe of day shiftVampire hunters make a living by selling the fangs of their prey. It is not well understood why vampire teeth sell for such high prices.

But Bud gets into trouble with his ex-wife (Meagan Good), who wants to move to Florida, and plans to take their daughter, Paige. Bud, citing her money problems, convinces her to give her a week to come up with 10 grand to pay her daughter’s tuition, keep the two of them in the city, and keep the family together. .

Short on money and time, Bud enlists the help of Big J (played by Snoop Dogg) to allow him to rejoin the local vampire hunters’ union. Under the close watch of union representative Seth (Dave Franco), he is put back on the day shift, until he discovers that a grand vampire conspiracy threatens Los Angeles.

Mixing in some pretty intense martial arts, mediocre family drama, and avoiding interesting world-building in favor of ultra-violence, it’s vampire-like. day shift There is no soul behind cold, dead eyes. To get to the action, you scurry through a checklist of movie plot must-haves (divorce drama, Buddy Cop dynamics, vampire lore).

What’s very clear is that all of the vampires are one aspect of a possible plot, added to another action movie set in Los Angeles and really about family. Being violent Hollywood, a lengthy scrutiny of the plot reveals that it doesn’t make sense. day shift Made for and by big studios.

The movie is inexplicably set in one of the sunniest cities on earth, and it seems like the last place a vampire would attempt to take over. Plus (and spoilers, I think), why is LA also home to a long-forgotten vampire cult temple? They seem less interested in explaining why they have become prizes that are traded like rare metals and cryptocurrencies.

Then there’s an entire subplot with Bud’s neighbor who must have been lost on the editing room floor. She asks him if he wants a beer, but he says no. Then he leaves. It was later revealed that this was a sneaky ruse for the vampire to get close to him, and for some reason it worked. I really don’t know how is added.

Hilariously, the main vampire villain, Audrey San Fernando, is every LA resident’s idea of ​​the ultimate bad guy.Her plan (which also hurts because it’s Los Angeles) is Suburban property development That would bring more vampires to the area.

I want to imagine day shift The setting was Luxembourg. Bud’s family is moving across the border to Germany as inflation and rents in Luxembourg are through the roof. He goes looking for vampires, only to discover that a cabal of undead accountants is threatening to take over the Grand Duchy from Casemate’s lair! day shift is a film by a major Hollywood studio. It’s very high-budget, but it deliberately makes it look like he’s a B-movie in its mediocre setting, conflicts, and world-building, so you really don’t know. You can get really cynical and think of it as cash grabs, Netflix productions make money regardless and lots of money without worrying about creating something good or structurally consistent It will be an opportunity to make a lot of money using

So when I read a review that said something along the lines of “hey, that’s a good thing” day shift Because at least it’s honest and it’s a breath of fresh air!”, I disagree. That being said, we will be accepting bids from studios interested in remaking Luxembourg. day shiftI think you can call me Doug Sihit.

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