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Dear mom, you’re not invisible-Doha News

Dear mom, it’s okay to be hurt, disappointed, or upset, but it’s not okay to experience continuous self-doubt.

You are not invisible. You are neither a wall flower nor a front door mat, nor a cup for other mothers to replenish their energy. Most certainly, you don’t deserve to feel left behind.

Being alone can make it difficult to be a mom. Finding your tribe, or a tribe that welcomes you with your arms outstretched, can be even more difficult.

Tribes sometimes become social factions, with restrictions on who, what, when, and why they accept other mothers. You can be a dependable mom when you need it, but when you want to laugh or laugh, you find yourself left behind.

Dear mother, opinion is not true

Mom, when your child is left behind, you often advise them that they don’t need to be around people who don’t thank them or open their arms and don’t welcome them. You say that your child has people who care for them and they are the people who should surround themselves. You tell your child not to feel sad and you cheer them up for a smile.

In reality, it’s okay if they have some expectations and feel a little disappointed. It is not okay for someone to feel completely worthless because of the lack or lack of a desire to make them feel subsumed. This advice is very valuable and is the same advice you need to provide when left behind by a group of mothers.

You can feel hurt, disappointed, and upset about being left behind. It’s okay to ask “why?” However, it is not okay to experience continuous self-doubt.

Sometimes there are unknown reasons why you are left behind. When you feel it is unfair, you can spend a lot of time thinking about why you are visibly dismissed or isolated.

It’s good to just remember and receive the invitation, but sometimes it’s better not to participate in some plans.

When it hurts, do your best not to forget your value. Set limits around what you take but don’t give, and do your best to be surrounded by people who are willing to include you in your plan.

Sometimes this requires putting yourself there or stimulating a conversation with someone you recently met. As a mom, it can be difficult to make friends, find tribes, and make extra efforts to connect with others. But it helps to thank who you are and remember the kind and affectionate spirit of taking advantage of the opportunity to open your arms and welcome you.

These are people who deserve your time and energy. I hope your heart will come into each other’s company and remind you of the love you deserve.

Mom, you deserve to feel embraced. May you be surrounded by people who understand your value. You are not invisible. You are visibly wonderful and being around is a blessing.

From the bottom of my heart Sherine

Celleen Schlafa is a mental health counselor

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