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Death from shooting at a house party in Pittsburgh

A similar incident in South Carolina injured at least nine people, while a shooting in Pittsburgh killed two minors and injured at least eight.

The arrest was not reported immediately and police could not comment on possible motives. (AFP)

A bullet fired at a house party in Pittsburgh killed two minors and injured at least eight.

Schubert, the Secretary of the Pittsburgh Police Department, happened around 12:30 am on Sunday during a party at a short-term rental property with hundreds of people. meeting.

Schubert said the ammunition was fired both inside and outside, “and potentially back and forth” shortly after some sort of quarrel. Casing found on the scene indicates that a pistol and a rifle were used, and police said they believed there were multiple shooters.

Two male victims died in the hospital and eight more were being treated for gunshot wounds, police said.

Police said initially that nine people were injured in the shooting, but Schubert corrected the number at a press conference. The names of the two boys who died were not immediately announced.

Some were injured by jumping out of windows, down stairs, asking for a cover, or trying to escape, Schubert said. The two who jumped out of the window broke, officials said. According to Schubert, one victim was injured after the car was “shot”.

ShotSpotter has shown more than 90 shots. “We know that there were far more bullets between the inside and the outside of the structure,” Schubert said.

Arriving police officers found a “very chaotic” scene with injured victims, medical workers trying to treat them, and people escaping on foot or by car.

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The arrest was not reported immediately, but Schubert said, “Finding who did this and getting it out of the street is our top priority.”

Nine people were injured in a shooting in South Carolina

At least nine people were injured in a similar shooting at a club in Hampton County, South Carolina on Sunday.

The state law enforcement department said in an email that no fatalities were reported. There was no information on the severity of the injury.

SLED states that it was commissioned by the Hampton County Sheriff’s Office to investigate. Hampton County is about 129 kilometers west of Charleston.

The day after being shot at a mall in Columbia, South Carolina, a shooting killed 14 people.

One person was arrested for shooting at the mall.

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Source: AP

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