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Decan Heritage Trust opposes renaming Hyderabad

Hyderabad: The Deccan Heritage Trust opposed Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS)’s attempt to rename Hyderabad to Bhagyanagar.

At the Forever Hyderabad event on Tuesday, historian Captain Pandura Ranga Reddy and former Resident Editor The Times of India King Schkunag opposed the move by RSS. During the event, various figures tried to break through all the myths about the history of the city.

Captain Pandu Langa Reddy questioned the existence of Bagmati, and some claim that the city was later named. “Bhagmati was a fictional character and had no romantic relationships. People are of the opinion that Pranapur was built by Ibrahim Quli Quli Quli Quli to his son go to see his lover Bhagmati. Looking at the dates, we can see that Kliktubshire was 6-8 years old at the time, so there is no chance that the love story will develop. The date on the Pranapur Bridge proves the same, “he said. I did.

He added that if Ibrahim was worried about his son, he would have married them instead of building a bridge to meet secretly at night. Neither Persian nor the Mughal Empire, Arabic nor Kutbushahi mention or record the name Baganagar in connection with Hyderabad.

The Pranapur (old bridge) was built in 1578 by Ibrahim Kutubshire (1550-80), the third monarch of the Kutubshahi or Gorkonda dynasty (1518-1687). It was built as a link between Fort Golkonda, a walled city until 1591, when Hyderabad was founded by Ibrahim’s son Mohad Kliktubsha.

According to various legends, Ibrahim built this bridge for Mohad Kuri Kutub Shah to go to see his lover or prostitute Bagmati. The story is that after Ibrahim’s death, his son founded Hyderabad and was first named after Bagmaty calling it Bagnagar. However, many historians have repeatedly denied the existence of Bagmati because of lack of evidence.

In response to a reporter’s question, the captain also wiped out the air about the existence of Mandir near the charminers before 1957-58.

“From 1957 to 1983, I saw for myself that there was no temple near the charminers. A begging woman was sitting near the stone. The stone today has a huge temple. Standing. The small temple first appeared in 1963. Image archive HinduIt also reflects the lack of Mandir near the charminers until 1963, “he said.

The Indian Archaeological Survey calls it an illegal building, but nonetheless it has not been possible to take steps to remove it. “A proceeding has been filed against ASI’s notice, which has not yet been heard. I do not oppose any party forming a government in Telangana, but humbly ask not to divide the community,” he adds. I did.

King Shukunag said the proposal to change the name of the city would come in spite of no such request from the people to do so, reflecting the party’s personal motivation.

“They have a very clear political motive behind it. Ahmedabad hasn’t been renamed despite the proposal because BJP is already in power and doesn’t feel the need to do so. When they couldn’t find a justification for renaming the city, they developed a false historical story to do so. The modern renaming city. There is no good reason, it does not benefit the general public, it only helps the political motivation of the party, “explained King Schkunag.

“Pay attention to the problems of the common people. There are many problems that the state is struggling with, such as gasoline prices, hunger, health during COVID-19, unemployment, etc. But instead, you put them aside. , I want to change the name of the city, so it doesn’t bring us any benefit, “he added.

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