Decapitation of cats described by DSPCA as “barbaric” and “disgusting”

The remains of a decapitated white cat were found in a public green space in southern Dublin.

It is the second time in the week that amputated animals have been discovered by the general public after the decapitated dog was discovered earlier this week.

Publicist for the Dublin Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (DSPCA) Gillian Bird The decapitation of the cat was described as “barbaric and disgusting.”

The cat’s body was found in green Barry BodenA DSPCA inspector was called in, jointly with Dublin on Thursday.

Cats are currently the subject of post-mortem animals and are being investigated to see if they were beheaded during their lifetime or after they died. Decapitation of cats described by DSPCA as “barbaric” and “disgusting”

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