Decarbonizing Australia’s mining sector beyond renewables highlighted in timely Black & Veatch eBook

Global infrastructure solutions provider identifies opportunities to achieve cost-effective and significant decarbonization in Australia’s heavy industry

MELBOURNE, Australia–(ANTARA/Business Wire)- Integrating mining infrastructure solutions across power, water and other critical technologies to help Australian miners overcome sustainability challenges at every stage of the mining process will give you the opportunity to

of E-book Mining companies have made considerable progress in recent years, many of which have long established sustainability programs, but recognize the emerging opportunity to accelerate the impact of their decarbonization efforts. increase.

In an eBook, Black & Veatch water and energy experts create a powerful decarbonization roadmap that will help mining companies navigate tight budgets, technology timelines, and complex regulations in 30 years. I’m suggesting that it helps you manage and understand with spans.

“A decarbonization strategy requires a long-term perspective. When the planning phase spans decades, a clear understanding of technology maturity and costs can reduce the consequences of being locked into path dependencies and isolated assets. It is important to avoid , said Mick Scrivens, Vice President and Director of Australia Pacific, Black & Veatch.

A decarbonization roadmap helps mining companies assess competing emerging technologies that have already been commercialized and presents a risk-free path to zero emissions. Such roadmaps show investors and the community that mining operators are systematically analyzing the economic and operational feasibility of each infrastructure investment along a timeline.

This eBook covers green hydrogen production, long-term energy storage, fleet and equipment electrification, direct air capture, net-zero water recycling, emission-free explosives, nuclear power in small modular reactors, and power after mine closure. Future revenue opportunities from production.

Scrivens will speak on Australia’s decarbonisation opportunities. NT Resource Week In August.

Editor’s note:

• Download your free copy of Beyond Renewables: Impactful Decarbonization of Australia’s Mining Sector eBook here
• Black & Veech Design, Engineering and Construction of Electric Islandis a first-of-its-kind high-capacity public charging station designed for medium and heavy-duty electric vehicles, and is a template for the electrification of vehicles and equipment at mining sites.
• BHP hired Black & Veatch to Escondida Water Supply Expansion (EWSE) Project At the Minera Escondida mine in Chile. The project will supply the world’s largest copper mine with 100% desalinated water, eliminating the need for groundwater.

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