Decided to stop the red tape to stop renewable energy-Draghi-English

(ANSA)-May 19, Rome-Prime Minister Mario Dragi in the Senate on Thursday, his government to reduce greenhouse gas emissions despite energy security issues caused by the war in Ukraine He said he is still working and will take action to boost renewable energy.

When Dragi reported to Congress about the war in Ukraine after meeting with US President Joe Biden at the White House last week, he said, “The maximal removal of bureaucratic restrictions on renewable energy and breaking investment barriers. I was determined. “

“During my visit to Washington, I spoke to President Biden about Italy’s energy strategy. We agree on the importance of maintaining the climate change efforts that Italy seeks to respect.” The Prime Minister added.

Despite being a greenhouse-effect fossil fuel, the Prime Minister said the energy strategy still features gas.

“We need it as fuel for the transition,” he said.

Italy has reached an agreement to increase gas flows from several countries to replace Russia’s gas after Moscow invades Ukraine.

About 40% of the gas that Italy currently imports comes from Russia.

He said the government “moved rapidly” to diversify its suppliers. (ANSA).

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