Decrease in Taiwanese workers whose regular wage is less than NT$30,000

TAIPEI, Nov. 25 (CNA) According to the Taiwan General Administration, the number of Taiwanese employees earning regular wages of less than NT$30,000 (US$967) per month will increase by 2022, compared to 1980, when counting began. A new low was recorded. Budget, Accounting and Statistics (DGBAS).

According to DGBAS, the number of workers with a regular monthly salary of less than NT$30,000 fell from 2.465 million last year to 2.107 million this year.

In addition, according to data compiled by DGBAS, in 2022, 2.107 million workers will account for 23.03% of the total 9.146 million workers in Taiwan, accounting for 23.03% in 2022, which is also It is down from 26.84% in the previous year.

This follows the trend we have seen over the last decade. The data show that the ratio has dropped significantly by his 18.65 points over the past decade.

Regarding the decline in the number of Taiwanese with a monthly salary of less than NT$30,000 over the past decade, Chen Huixin, Deputy Director of the DGBAS Census Bureau, said the trend was a result of increased motivation. In the same way that the government raises the minimum wage, it encourages employers to raise wages for their employees.

Every year the government raises the minimum wage. From January 1, 2022, Taiwan’s minimum monthly wage will increase from NT$24,000 in the previous year to NT$25,250, up from NT$18,780 in 2012.

The study shows that the number of workers paid between NT$30,000 and NT$50,000 will increase from 4.799 million in the previous year to 5.03 million in 2022, accounting for nearly 55% of the total workforce. understood. At the same time, the number of workers earning more than NT$50,000 per month also increased from 1.92 million to 2.01 million, accounting for nearly 22% of all workers, DGBAS said. .

But after adjusting for inflation, workers take home less wages than they did last year.

In the first nine months of this year, the average regular wage of Taiwanese workers reached NT$44,319, up 2.99% year-on-year, but after adjusting for inflation, the real average regular wage was 0.07% lower than last year.

Taiwan’s nine-month consumer price index rose 3.06% from the same period last year, above the 2% alert set by the central bank.

The economy has also seen an increase in firms hiring atypical or non-full-time or permanent employees.

According to the survey, the number of non-routine workers, which refers to part-time employees, temporary workers and agency workers, will reach 798,000 in 2022, an increase of about 1,000 from the previous year and accounting for 7.02% of the total workforce. , increased. Up from 6.97% last year.

DGBAS, which normally conducts a survey on local labor force conditions in May of each year, will conduct a labor force survey focusing on normal wages in October 2021, replacing the previous May 2021. did. A spike in COVID-19 cases at the time. Decrease in Taiwanese workers whose regular wage is less than NT$30,000

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