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DeepOcean Charters Hornbeck Offshore’HOS

February 16, 2022

HOS Warland © cdag / MarineTraffic

Undersea service company Deep Ocean has chartered a Hornbeck offshore HOS Warland multipurpose service vessel to assist in the operation of the Gulf of Mexico, USA.

“HOS Warland extends DeepOcean’s capabilities at the larger construction end of the market through higher specification equipment installed on board. This ship has been part of DeepOcean’s offering for some time, but now. Is secured by a charter contract, “says Deep Ocean. ..

DeepOcean said this solid charter will help provide even better support for the fast-paced requirements of the IMR market and for construction and installation projects managed, designed and carried out by DeepOcean’s internal team. rice field. © Deep Ocean

“The combination of HOS Warland and Deep Ocean’s undersea engineering, equipment and expertise will enable us to bundle customer services in a cost-effective manner. Its versatile spread is the use of 250 ton cranes. Ideal for IMR and installation projects. Dual work class ROV setup. The ship will also serve as a platform for further deployment of the Deep Ocean service line in the future. ” Tony StokesPresident of Deep Ocean – Americas.

The vessel is a DP2310ES multipurpose service vessel.

“This vessel is designed to meet the high standards required by offshore oil and gas customers. We are pleased to continue to bring high performance vessels to market in collaboration with Hornbeck Offshore. “Stokes adds.

HOS Warland will be added to Deep Ocean’s chartered fleet, including HOS Bayeux and HOS Mystic.

https://www.oedigital.com/news/494366-deepocean-charters-hornbeck-offshore-s-hos-warland-for-gulf-of-mexico-ops DeepOcean Charters Hornbeck Offshore’HOS

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